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As the climate crisis heightens, turning towards more eco-conscious consumer habits is a necessity. Fortunately, more and more ethical fashion options are arising daily. From thrifting to conscious shopping, being sustainable does not mean you have to give up the fun of fashion. 

The luxury of social media is that anyone can share anything at any time. The best part is finding content that promotes a wonderful message. These incredible women are redefining the standards for fashion styling. All of these influencers are committed to showcasing sustainable outfits. With their focus being to create outfits from pieces that are better for the planet and humanity, it’s clear that being ethical is the latest trend.

Let’s meet the sustainable stylists we’re watching:

Annalise’s style is minimalistic, with her main color palette being black, grey, and white. Annalise shows us that shopping similar colors will make all your garments work well together. Every outfit she pieces together feels contemporary, yet has a sophisticated vintage influence. She’s committed to curating wish-lists that drive in style, featuring her favorite pieces from the season on her blog. Everything she wears is from brands with integrity regarding the sustainability movements. Even better, Annalise has been approved by Hypebae, meaning she is on the ultimate cool-girl list.

1. Annalise Ogelby

She understands the concept of choosing clothes that communicate with each other. Sustainable fashion by nature is more expensive, which is why if you’re a college student like me, buying clothes should be more of an investment. Pick pieces that will live with you for years to follow that are of high quality. I love the idea of defining your color-palette because it helps guide your purchases so you can create a cohesive wardrobe! 

2. Terumi Alana Murao

Take one look at Terumi’s Instagram and you’ll instantly feel her cool-girl vibes. She’s driven by adventure, perfectly balancing athleisure with modern elegance. I love the laid back nature of her photos. Terumi makes it clear that sustainability can be effortless, and practical. As an athlete, she motivates us to go out and explore the world. In a recent interview with Athleta, a certified B corporation, she talks about her experience rock-climbing! This girl is capable of anything! Even better, the outfits she curates from second-hand clothes and sustainable brands are a unique balance between femininity and masculinity. Terumi inspires me to be my best self and wear clothes that evoke my confidence. 

Maya is an environmental activist and incredibly passionate about fighting climate change. She’s given her fair share of TED Talks and has participated in sustainability conversations with Teen Vogue. She even has her website where she sells ethical clothes and talks about the movement. 

Maya’s style is artsy, incorporating vintage with today’s contemporary aesthetic. She wears bold colors and fun silhouettes, teaching us to face fashion fearlessly. What I love most about her is her courage to stay authentic. She rocks her natural hair and proves that staying true to yourself while prioritizing sustainability is the best way to dress. 

3. Maya Penn

4. Leah Thomas

Leah is incredibly beautiful and passionate about creating a better future for all. She speaks on intersectionality in regards to environmentalism, creating inclusive and diverse contents that allow for all voices to shine. Her style is relaxed and chic. Leah makes it clear that investing in simple sustainable t-shirts that fit us well, and we love, make for an adorable look that does not sacrifice comfort. Oh, and be sure to rock your natural beauty! Leah promotes self-confidence by teaching us that every outfit we wear should make us feel amazing! Be sure to check out her movement on intersectional environmentalism on Instagram where she welcomes all genders, lovers, and races to get involved with the climate change conversation. Don’t forget to give her a follow!

Kristin uses her Youtube platform to speak on issues regarding sustainability and fast-fashion. She is passionate about encouraging more eco-conscious consumerism and seeks to expose companies that fail to be ethical. Kristen loves to thrift shop! She runs a successful Depop shop, featuring clothes that match her sophisticated European vibe. I love how much fun she has with her clothes! From bright colors to lovely accessories, her outfits are always incredible, and sustainable! Kristen tells us that sustainability does not mean sacrificing style, it simply means being more creative with how you obtain pieces for a look. Instead of hitting up the mall for a party dress, try a second-hand site like Depop, Poshmark or ThredUp. Her emphasis on thrifting is so refreshing, considering that it’s much less expensive than buying sustainable clothes first hand!

5. Kristin Leo

Before you do anything, make sure you give all of these amazing women a follow! It’s amazing to see how sustainable fashion can have multiple avenues; From monochromatic takes to loud prints, to athletic takes, anything is possible. The excuse claiming that sustainable fashion is boring is no longer legitimate! Sustainable fashion can be styled to perfection and made to match your aesthetic. These influencers serve great looks that I can’t wait to recreate! Who’s ready to update their wardrobe?

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As the climate crisis heightens, turning towards more eco-conscious consumer habits is a necessity. Fortunately, more and more ethical fashion options are arising daily. From thrifting to conscious shopping, being sustainable does not mean you have to give up the