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Simple, Sustainable Skincare by Eileen Feighny of Tulura

Eileen Feighny, the founder of Tulura, struggled with her skin in the midst of her modeling career. As she tried product after product on the market, nothing seemed to help. If anything, she noticed that her skin was getting worse. Growing frustrated, Eileen decided to turn towards natural skincare methods. This motivated her to become an esthetician and a certified aromatherapist. With her newfound knowledge, Tulura, a sustainable skincare brand, was born. 

The Tulura brand embraces minimalistic ideals. After using the products, Eileen’s skin issues disappeared. Essentially, Eileen recommends using the revealing botanical oil cleanser, followed by Tulura’s vitamin peptide serum, and a botanical facial oil suitable for the current climate. The cold season oil is thicker, since skin tends to be dryer in the cold, and the warm season oil has a lighter feel for days spent in the heat. It’s simple and pure. A holistic skin care regime without toxic chemicals. According to Eileen, luxury should be a part of everyday life. 

At Tulura, Eileen ensures that every product is made with the highest quality ingredients. Unlike most brands, Tulura does not use water or thickening agents in their products. The products are free of parabens, fragrances, and synthetic preservatives. Tulura’s formulas balance and rejuvenate the skin, providing an effortless glow. The products are oil-based and intended for all skin types. They promote a clear complexion by unclogging pores and replenishing the skin with nutrient-rich oils. 

In regards to packaging, Tulura uses as many reusable and recyclable materials as possible. The brand encourages customers to send back their bottles when they run out of product for refills, a simple way to decrease the amount of waste produced by the brand. Additionally, Tulura is mindful when sourcing their components. Eileen explained that the brand only interacts with small businesses throughout the whole production process. The products are made in the USA, with cruelty-free practices. 


In her everyday life, Eileen draws inspiration from her mother’s beautiful vulnerability and resilience. She believes women have a responsibility to support each other, which is why her main goal is to make her customers feel beautiful. Tulura supports women and wants to encourage others to do the same. At Zoe Elle, we couldn’t agree more. Femininity is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated. With that, Eileen understands the hardships associated with problematic skin, and she does not want anyone else to have to fight those battles. The products are derived from her heart, with the purpose to give the world something wonderful to love. 

Fortunately, Eileen is noticing that the skincare industry is changing for the better. Customers are beginning to understand the importance of using clean products. Additionally, sustainable and ethical practices are becoming more common, as they should. When searching for ethical and sustainable products, Eileen advises everyone to, “Do your research. Stay curious, ask questions, contact brands directly.” As consumers it’s our responsibility to choose better, for the planet and our health. Hopefully, soon, eco-conscious brands like Tulura will dominate the industry.

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