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Scéona is Initiating Positive Change for the Jewelry Industry With A New Campaign

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as wearing a piece of fine jewelry. A small, gold, diamond ring seems harmless, however, it is detrimental to the environment if it is made using traditional practices. Water is wasted, lots of land is excavated, and pollutant carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. Even worse, it has been reported that many companies mine diamonds unethically. Child labor is used, and wildlife is harmed. It’s a recipe for disaster for our planet and the life that inhabits it. Luckily, Scéona realized the lack of transparency in the industry. 

Scéona is dedicated to creating beautiful jewelry responsibly. Each piece is handcrafted using 18 karat recycled gold (everything they make is 100% recycled gold). The company strives to be as sustainable as possible and is constantly innovating to maintain its values. 

Scéona was born out of the founder’s love for gemstones she discovered in India. Instantly, she sought to uncover the hidden beauty behind each metal, where she learned about the dark side of the jewelry industry. Companies often hide their dirty secrets behind pretty little boxes tied with bows. This motivated her to start her own label that would be committed to sustainability. Scéona proudly strives to be mine-free, slavery-free, plastic-free, carbon-free, and chemical-free. The idea is to offer stunning, luscious jewelry without producing harm to anything. Conscious construction, passionate leadership, and creative design have allowed Scéona to successfully generate its lovely new collection. 


This season, Scéona daringly began a Kickstarter campaign to take action against the unethical practices found within the jewelry industry. The label is actively engaging with the jewelry industry to fight for more responsible production. Scéona’s passionate approach to initiate change is leading to a new kind of expectation by consumers who purchase fine jewelry. Sustainability should be the standard.

The campaign highlights the negative ecological effect of the industrial gold chain production process. Scéona shares its new, innovative, and environmentally friendly reproduction of the traditional gold chain. The intricate craftwork of the gold chain is incredible.

To support, simply pledge to donate as little as $2.00 to the campaign, or purchase a piece of hand-crafted jewelry. The brand designed unique jewelry exclusively for this project to motivate customers to back their message. It’s all so lovely. If you can afford to do so, I strongly encourage you to show your support to this brave company. It’s very rare to see a label so fiercely expose the terrors within an industry. I can’t help but admire Scéona Poroli Chauveau, the founder and creative director of Scéona, for her courage. For whatever amount you pledge, you will receive a reward from the company in appreciation. By backing Scéona’s campaign, you are actively taking part in the fight for a better world. 

The most recent collection draws inspiration from nature. Scéona’s minimalistic aesthetic pairs well with any style, and is jewelry at its finest. There’s a soft feminine quality to each piece. It’s truly beautiful. I’m secretly hoping the Kasaï ring turns into my engagement ring (not that I’m getting married anytime soon, it’s just perfect). I love the romantic, yet contemporary feel associated with each design. 

Be sure to follow Scéona on Instagram and shop their wonderful collection.

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