$275.00 / month and a $275.00 sign-up fee

Per Month

As a brand member of the Zoe Elle Collective, you’ll join others who are passionate about fostering and growing sustainability community from the inside out.   We love to grow and learn from each other and are cultivating a community where its cool to share what we’ve lessons we’ve mastered at each step of our journey. We invite you to join in on the conversations we have with community members about what’s trending in the sustainable fashion, how to master the digital landscape, and where to start with scaling your in-house logistics so that you have more time on your calendar to unleash the creativity your customers have fallen in love with.

Join the family and become a part of the Zoe Elle tribe!



Join the Zoe Elle Collective and gain the support of other exceptional creative business owners, content creators, influencers, and sustainable educators who comprise our unstoppable tribe.  And because you’re a queen, boss we have perks of membership that make you feel like one:

  1. Influencer Partnership and Management:

Partner with the trendiest rising micro-influencers in clean beauty and sustainability fashion to educate a new audience on how to turn this growing trend into a full time lifestyle. This service allows for up to four (4) influencers partnerships per month.

  1. Brand Collaborations (Including Collaborative Giveaways):

We believe in collaboration over competition! Every month we’ll keep you educated on the hottest trends in this space so you can pitch and up vote your favorite ideas for collaborative campaigns.  Winning ideas will take central point for partnerships with other girl owned brands.  

  1. Custom Photography:

What if you had staff to find models and organize photoshoots for your newest inventory?  Now you do!  As a brand member you’ll enjoy top photography services from our renowned photography partners.  (Revealed every month.) 

  1. Real Girl Connections via Clubhouse:

We all want to feel a little closer and connected to each other in our growing sustainable community. Every Thursday night at 7:00 PM you can join our new room on Clubhouse where we’ll be unwinding with conversations on the sustainable trends and industry tricks that are setting our hearts ablaze.


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