Activism stems from passion, and no doubt the powerful voices behind Zoe Elle strive to initiate a positive change for the world. Sustainability is the core of Zoe Elle, with a goal being to bring awareness to the general public about the power of responsible consumerism. 

A successful team is one where everyone is on the same wavelength. All the marketing interns behind the Zoe Elle persona are extremely passionate about protecting the planet and creating a better future for all. Everyone is united by their desire to change the way the public interacts with the beauty industries, and shop from more sustainable companies. The marketing team holds Zoe Elle’s values close to their hearts. 

These women are inspiring. They’re committed to making people more eco-conscious by adopting more sustainable habits. Incredibly, Zoe Elle found a team that is so connected by their passions for the environment, beauty, and change. 

Let’s meet the marketing interns now!

Cameron Shaw

Cameron is from Connecticut and is a senior at Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, studying communications. Having had the opportunities to study abroad, she learned so much about environmentalism during this time. Cameron explains, “the global intersection of communication and environmentalism all just kind of came together and became what I’m interested in and what I’m passionate about.”

In reflection of our generation, she believes that millennials’ biggest downfall is that “we have to actively go outside of that bubble to access information, or other points of view.” We couldn’t agree more! This endless access to information at our fingertips can help open our minds if we actively seek to expand our knowledge. We’re a generation that’s fueled by passion and is finally unpacking what the generations before us failed to fight for, like the environment and social justice. 

Cameron defines activism as “taking action on issues that not only affect yourself but affect the collective as a whole.” In short, it’s about doing things that benefit more than just yourself and contribute to the greater good of the world. She explains, “It is a common misconception that individual change is not as important as system change. However, my understanding is that the two work hand in hand. There is a big power in numbers, and people are more likely to start making a change in their lifestyle when they see others doing so.” The world needs more people who think like this! Switching to a reusable coffee mug or starting a compost has more of an impact than you would think. It’s not about living perfectly for the planet, it’s about trying to choose better every day, knowing that everything you do either hurts or helps mother nature. 

Cameron’s shares that the power resides in those who hold knowledge on this topic; they can spend time educating others in their community, organizing community efforts, advocating for policy change, and making lifestyle changes to make a difference. 

Making a difference in the world is hard work, and it takes strength and perseverance. Cameron closed the interview by emphasizing the importance of self-care. She points out that, “taking care of yourself is very important because it can be intimidating, scary, and upsetting to learn about the environmental and humanitarian crises going on in the world.” Unwinding, and relaxing our minds is major. If you’re looking for ways to do this, check out my article on how becoming a  certified yoga teacher has changed my life. We at Zoe Elle also have tons of articles on sustainable beauty and lifestyle brands that will upgrade your self-care routine!

Dallas Ross

Dallas is a senior at the University of California Riverside, and she is passionate about transforming her life towards sustainability. In her interview with Zoe Elle, she shares that she is “striving towards a fully sustainable lifestyle.” This means that in regards to fashion, food, beauty, and everything in between, she hopes to make the best choices for the planet. 

Sustainable fashion is often the gateway to sustainability movements. Dallas advises sustainability newbies to be “open-minded to any option.” Dallas explains, “There are so many ways to be sustainable, to have a sustainable wardrobe, not just secondhand thrifting. You can go to thrift shops, you can go to garage sales, estate sales; you can borrow clothes and even rent clothes.” 

Most importantly, Dallas reveals that a sustainable lifestyle can be achieved by everyone, “no matter your age, your budget, your restrictions, dietary restrictions, or just anything in general, everyone can do it. You just have to put the time and effort into it.” Dallas is vegan, and acknowledges the positive health and environmental impacts of this lifestyle as she strives to be as sustainable as possible.

Dallas defines sustainability as a “change for the better that’s saving the environment, your wallet, and your everyday life.” She hopes to inspire others to get involved in the movement and  cultivate more power for the cause. 

Kat Swank

Kat is a California native who attended college at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. For Kat, growing up in California was the best since she got exposed to so many different types of people and cultures. It’s fostered her open-mindedness and has allowed her to value the perspective of everybody. 

Having experienced the California wildfires first hand, she has a strong awareness of the dangers of climate change. In reflection of the horrific fires, she explained how “it was really weird to see people posting about something I was living in and living through, and for them it was just an image about how climate change is getting worse.” This is a reminder that the posts we see on climate change should not be taken lightly; climate change is actively affecting people’s lives. 

To cope with these stressors Kat began prioritizing self-care. Kat defines self-care as “giving yourself a feeling of control on things when everything feels very out of control.” This could look like journaling, skincare, or taking the time to embrace your inner activist. “Taking the time to do things that makes you feel like you’re trying, like writing emails to politicians, is a great stress reliever even when it seems the people responsible for most of the pollution that’s going on are not going to change anything.” All in all, Kat shares, “I just think reminding yourself and setting time for yourself are really important.” This is a great message; we cannot change the world if our bodies and minds are not taken care of!

Sarah Basheer

Sarah is a midwestern girl who studied communications at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Her interest resides mostly with makeup, and this led her to find a passion for sustainability and natural beauty. 

Sarah reflected and mentioned, “I’ve never really used makeup to change or hide the way I look, it’s always just been a way to accentuate the features I like and put the best me forward, especially day to day.” This healthy relationship with makeup combats the harmful message cosmetic companies often market to young girls. It’s so important to recognize the agenda of the mass consumer market in destroying a woman’s confidence to get to her wallet.  

When reflecting on her makeup journey, Sarah points out a common issue for most girls: I really learned about makeup and skincare in reverse. I learned about makeup first as a young teenager when in actuality I should have learned about skin care first, because that is the base of your makeup. I think the cosmetic industry does that on purpose, why promote products that enhance your natural beauty when they can just sell you products to cover up your imperfections? It’s a twisted industry, and it’s up to the consumers to rewrite the way the beauty industry presents itself. 

Let’s take some advice from Sarah: “The best advice I can give is to know as much as you can about a product and a brand before it becomes your favorite. Whenever there is a new celebrity makeup line that’s launched, I always do my research to see if it’s something that aligns with my beliefs on cruelty-free, clean beauty, with recyclable materials, even before I consider trying it. It’s so much harder to give up our faves when we start loving the results and the formulas, sometimes even after we learn about the impact it has on our environment.”

So, listen to Sarah and know exactly what you’re buying before you hand over your credit card number and put products on your skin!

Stephanie Konya 

Stephanie is from New Jersey and currently attends Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She is a fashion merchandising and management major. 

We asked Stephanie to break down what sustainable beauty is to her: “Sustainable beauty, to me, is all about chemical-free, non-toxins, that help the body instead of harm it. Cosmetic and beauty [brands] allow consumers to express themselves, but with sustainable products they can do that while preserving the planet.”  

We asked Stephanie why sustainable beauty is important to her, and her perspective is a true revelation. “It is important to realize that if a product harms the environment why would we want to put it on our skin. If it harms the environment couldn’t it harm our skin as well? Also, it makes me feel as if I am making a difference, even if I just buy one sustainable product.” Our skin and the planet are so connected, and need to be treated gently. Without toxins. So, as a general rule, if a product harms the planet, you have to wonder if it will harm you too! 

Her advice? “Go natural. Personally, I do not wear too much makeup, I have always tried to keep it natural and light simply. I strongly believe that this is something people should go by because everyone has blemishes and acne so there is no point to try and cover them. Of course, people can develop various looks with their makeup; some beauty gurus are very talented and use makeup to create beautiful art. That does not mean makeup needs to always be seen/noticed. Sometimes I tend to put only BB cream on when I go out which is the perfect amount of makeup for me. In today’s society people use makeup more commonly as something to change their appearance. Social media accounts were posting celebrities with and without makeup, some were unrecognizable. This develops a negative mindset for those viewing it.”

Zoe Elle is truly an incredible community, built from such talented and unique personas. Every voice behind the brand is passionate about sustainability and ready to initiate positive changes in our world!