Not only can being a woman get expensive (don’t even get us started on the price of bras!)- it can also get complicated! With so much information out there about what’s the best way to take care of our bodies, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and conflicted about what to believe. It’s also easy to get confused by labels that might be misleading or not entirely honest about what their product contains. This lack of awareness is exactly what inspired the creation of LOLA, a feminine care subscription box company founded on the belief that reproductive health care should be simple and easily accessible to everyone. 

LOLA offers a range of products that cater to every woman’s needs. All of their menstrual products (pads, tampons, and panty liners) are made out of 100% organic cotton that are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested. They also have a great all-natural cleansing wipe that is made out of 100% bamboo soaked in a purified water solution that is gynecologist approved to maintain a healthy vaginal pH. The company tackles period symptoms and cramping head on with their Cramp Care daily multivitamin and essential oil blend. LOLA doesn’t shy away from the sexier parts of feminine hygiene either, offering a natural rubber latex condom and water-based personal lubricant. These products aren’t any new or revolutionary ideas, but what makes LOLA unique is the fact that you can always be sure you know exactly what’s in your hygiene products and you can feel confident that you’re doing right by your body. 

LOLA is dedicated to making products accessible to women that are suited to every individual body’s needs. Their subscription box service is incredibly flexible and allows you to customize what products you want delivered to your door when you want them. Even better, there’s no subscription fees and free shipping every time! If you aren’t sure of exactly what you need, there’s a number of popular pre-made sets to choose from that include period bestsellers, pad ultra sets, and sex essentials. My personal favorite option on their site is their kits that include guides. Both the First Period Kit and Sexual Wellness Kit include essential products and an informative guide that are great for educating young women about their feminine health. 

When you buy LOLA products, you can not only feel confident about what you’re using on your body, but you can feel great knowing that you’re giving other women the chance to do so as well! The company has partnered with the nonprofit I Support the Girls and has currently donated over 2 million period products to low-income women in need. They also host Period Packing Parties in the LOLA community to raise awareness of the financial struggles millions of women face when it comes to feminine hygiene (Our team here at Zoe Elle would love to make one of these happen!). Additionally, LOLA  has an advocacy campaign with the organization Period Equity that is devoted to fighting against sales taxes on period products. With all their dedication to the causes, you can be rest assured that every dollar you spend will be helping fight the good fight for women’s reproductive health. 

It’s more important now than ever that we are creating and supporting brands that refuse to accept the conditions that women have previously been subjected to. No woman should ever have to worry about the safety of what products she’s using on her body or not be able to access such products at all. LOLA has proven that feminine healthy can be simple, natural, and have a conscience. Say so long to your drugstore pads and hop onto their site to check out their products for yourself.