Who doesn’t dream of an aesthetic, attractive and interesting Instagram that also keeps your pockets filled? But maintaining and managing your social media platform is no easy task. Most people get excited about the prospects of this particular platform only to later realize that it requires commitment, dedication and an understanding of your audience’s likes and dislikes. One of the most prominent factors that can lead to a steady increase in the number of followers is your Instagram theme. If you want to create an exceptional and visually pleasing profile that will considerably augment the engagement on your posts, maintaining a theme is the answer.

Pastel Theme Example: @ofracosmetics

Create And Maintain Your Signature Look

The most important feature of your Instagram profile is what you are showing or conveying to your followers.People will judge whether your profile/account is worth following depending on their first impression of it. If the overall profile, especially the first 9-12 images are intriguing, your profile viewers will turn into followers in no time. The only way to ensure this is to follow a certain theme that matches your interests and Instagram content. Most viewers judge your profile based on a combination of both color and content. When it comes to color, it is important that you obey a particular color scheme such as a white theme, pastel theme or a saturated theme. Choose a color palette of no more than three colors and alternate between them and your picture content to achieve a visually admirable consistency that will rope in followers effortlessly.

Subject Theme Example: @localeclectic

Editing is Key

Managing and controlling your lighting, maintaining a steady angle, setting up the shoot and excellent photography skills are obviously necessary and are well understood by most Instagrammers/influencers. However, a very important step that most ignore or overlook is the editing process. A quick filter before the upload is truly just the beginning of your photo taking journey.  Balancing the colors in your scenery according to your theme and playing around with object tones and shadows are accents that can truly set off your personal style.

White Theme Example: @kiraswim

What A Theme Should Feature

Your Instagram theme is a decision that you have to make based on your personal aesthetic, skillset, as well as your audience’s interest. Your theme can be in accordance with one of a number of things, but whatever you choose is your to own—so go for it.  If you aren’t the best photographer, remember that themes are not always about editing; maintain your posts with catchy captions that keep your viewers coming back for more. Or maybe focus on a location, sharing all its aspects, both hidden spots, and primary locations, with your followers. You could even narrow down your posts to one or two specific subjects. It can be a makeup blog, a book reviewing platform, a collection of images of your wardrobe or even a food Instagram! The choice is yours…Nothing boosts followers (and sales) like a themed Instagram.

Follow the above simple rules whilst practicing your own artistic freedom to get the exposure and engagement that you deserve.

Happy Instagramming!