Our team here at Zoe Elle recently got the chance to chat with Bridget Nistico, a boss babe who is changing the self-care game! Bridget is kind of the physical embodiment of “you can have it all.” While she holds down a full-time job as the Associate Director of Talent and Development at TheRealReal, she’s also found the time to follow her intuition and become the founder of two businesses.

Bridget’s first venture, Pivot, is a women’s reentry pilot program based in Baltimore. The program helps women coming out of prison to reestablish themselves in the community and process the emotional trauma they have been through. Bridget shared with us how her full-time job provided her with a sense of stability, but she knew it wasn’t necessarily her passion. She made the conscious decision to follow her intuition and start up her two nonprofits in addition to keeping her day job. Bridget’s heart lies in helping women heal themselves and after seeing the lack of resources for women coming out of the prison system, she knew she had found her mission.

Most reentry programs for previously incarcerated women serve as more of a checklist of things to do, such as getting a driver’s license again and writing a resume, instead of placing an emphasis on helping the woman process everything she has been through. Many women who have been through the prison system have suffered through cycles of trauma and emotionally draining experiences. Pivot provides women with the resources to do some serious self-work and development. By taking a holistic approach, Pivot works to understand what each woman has been through and how best she can be helped. In addition to helping women get back on their feet in practical ways, Pivot aims to create a sense of community with women from all walks of life who serve as a support system, in addition to personalized assistance from therapists and social workers.

While Pivot works exclusively with previously incarcerated women, Bridget’s newest venture, Rejuva Soul, is a healing experience for any woman. Rejuva Soul is a destination retreat business that focuses on energetic healing and helping women choose balanced over busy. Bridget prefers the term “soul-care” over “self-care”. While self-care typically conjures up images of fancy bubble baths and face masks, it usually doesn’t involve doing some digging into the depths of our inner psyche. Rejuva Soul is for anyone from the chronically burnt-out to those who just don’t feel connected to their inner selves.

Rejuva Soul provides energetic healing outside of traditional therapy. Bridget believes that just talking about a problem might not necessarily always get to the root of it, let alone get rid of it all together. Energetic healing helps women process past traumas, peeling back the layers and getting to the core of the issue. Rejuva Soul employs mindful meditation in addition to reiki and shamanic healing techniques to help clear your energy and leave you feeling refreshed. The program is perfect for any woman in need of a serious reset and, by working alongside Pivot, can provide some women with the self-growth resources (and vacation!) they wouldn’t typically have access to.

Bridget’s passion for her businesses stems in part from her own personal struggles and experiences she has lived through. After struggling with ongoing alcohol abuse, she made the conscious decision to stop “putting a band-aid” on some of the deeper rooted issues and put in the work necessary for growth. Bridget credits her support system for helping her through some of the roughest patches and wanted to make sure other women had access to similar resources. At the end of the day, no matter what walk of life we may come from, we all are human and go through human experiences. Bridget left us with the idea that even if you might not think you need it, most people could totally benefit from some serious self-work and soul healing. Um, where do we sign up?

Find Bridget on social at @bridgetnistico, @pivotbmore, and @rejuvasoul!