In a podcast for Audiostaq Live, Gabrielle Deculus, girlboss and founder of Business Rules for Women, chats about her take on entrepreneurship, finding your tribe, and self-care. Her company, Business Rules for Women, is a digital marketing agency that aims to empower ambitious women and help them build their dream business. With a following of 245,000 and counting on Instagram, it’s clear Gabrielle’s message is resonating with women around the world and she shared how she’s done it. 

Business Rules for Women was originally born from a sense of discouragement and loneliness in Gabrielle’s post-graduate ventures launching a marketing company.  She knew that other people could relate to the struggles she was facing, so she started putting out content through her personal page that was empowering and action-oriented. Her tips that you could easily pick up and apply to your life soon began to gain momentum, which is when Gabrielle created the hashtag that would later become Business Rules for Women. These humble beginnings can serve as a place of inspiration for solo entrepreneurs that may feel like they haven’t found their “tribe” yet. Gabrielle emphasizes how her biggest lesson from her initial situation was figuring out how to connect with others who are going through the same experiences. She feels that what drew people to her was her authenticity and vulnerability about what she was going through. When you share your real emotions and experiences, people will see themselves in your story, which is the key to resonating and making a lasting connection with an audience. 

The conversation also touched on how that same authenticity seems to be a popular marketing trend these days. Gabrielle addressed this by encouraging women to figure out who they are (or want to be) and to show up as that person consistently. She advised that acknowledging what your insecurities or weaknesses are and being vulnerable about them can actually help people open up to you. Sharing these intimate concerns can attract your tribe through forming a bond over what you have faced together. 

Gabrielle also talked about how “self-care” seems to have become a trend recently that is focused more on materialistic things rather than personal growth. She admitted that while it can be difficult, the best kind of self-care can involve jumping headfirst into bringing your dreams to life. By recognizing the people around you who may not have your best interests in mind or admitting the anger you may have had in the past over challenges you faced, you can come to terms with these emotions and move past them. Basically, own up to your sh*t! Admitting you aren’t perfect and choosing to believe in yourself anyway is the realest kind of self-care.

The conversation closed with Gabrielle discussing the “Invest in Yourself” t-shirts she sells through Business Rules for Women. The slogan is a mantra her company was founded on, which supports the idea that what you put in is what you get out! If you don’t invest in yourself and believe in yourself, why should anyone else? By admitting your vulnerabilities and still having the courage to pursue what makes you happy, other people will recognize your value. Gabrielle also mentioned how her current job is actually a result of others recognizing what she brings to the table. After striking up a conversation with a stranger at a dinner three years ago about her company, she was contacted a month ago about an opening for a marketing director position at his start-up! If there’s one thing Gabrielle wants people to take away from her work, it’s to always know your worth and consistently show up for yourself.