If it harms the environment couldn’t it harm our skin as well? Also, it makes me feel as if I am making a difference, even if I just buy one sustainable product.” Our skin and the planet are so connected, and need to be treated gently. Without toxins. So, as a general rule, if a product harms the planet, you have to wonder if it will harm you too! 

Her advice? “Go natural. Personally, I do not wear too much makeup, I have always tried to keep it natural and light simply. I strongly believe that this is something people should go by because everyone has blemishes and acne so there is no point to try and cover them. Of course, people can develop various looks with their makeup; some beauty gurus are very talented and use makeup to create beautiful art. That does not mean makeup needs to always be seen/noticed. Sometimes I tend to put only BB cream on when I go out which is the perfect amount of makeup for me. In today’s society people use makeup more commonly as something to change their appearance. Social media accounts were posting celebrities with and without makeup, some were unrecognizable. This develops a negative mindset for those viewing it.”

Zoe Elle is truly an incredible community, built from such talented and unique personas. Every voice behind the brand is passionate about sustainability and ready to initiate positive changes in our world!