Within the wellness space, crystal healing has been around for centuries, yet remains somewhat misunderstood. In light of the global pandemic, it is no secret that people experience higher rates of anxiety and depression, forcing them to find new ways to relax and reduce stress. Enter Zuela (pronounced ZWE-LA) a UK-based crystal healing company that offers crystal-embedded lingerie and clothing, as well as crystal healing sessions and retreats. In addition, Zuela places a big emphasis on sustainability, from locally sourcing their crystals to making sure their workers are being treated fairly. 

Steff Pittman, Zuela’s founder and crystal extraordinaire, started the company in 2018. She was inspired to start the company from her own crystal healing experience—Steff struggled with anxiety and mental health problems but found peace and relaxation from using crystals. She wore them in her bra but found that they kept falling out which is why she created the crystal-embedded bra. Steff states, “It just felt like other women would want that support as well as a safe space to work on their well-being.”

Steff designed the crystal-embedded bra with care, placing a small pocket on the left hand side near the heart since the heart is where you have your strongest energy. Steff says this, “helps the energy of the crystal to flow into your body and your frequency.” The bra was designed to act as a form of self-care and self-love. Currently, Zuela offers crystal-embedded lingerie, and, Steff revealed that she is in the middle of finishing a yoga wear collection that will feature side pockets to fit your phone and keys, in addition to the crystals.  

Steff earned her worldwide certification in crystal healing last year, learning about the scientific and the intuitive side of crystals. All living things possess a vibrational frequency—and crystals have a stable vibrational frequency that aids in evening out our unstable frequency. For example, if you are feeling really depressed and you pick up a crystal that vibrates a very calm and healing state, that will help to bring you that same frequency and you will start to feel calmer and happier.

Steff made it clear that sustainability is one of the brand’s major pillars. Starting with the fabric, it is made from organic cotton and locally sourced from the UK. Steff even stays up to date on the status of the fabric farms in India, and ensures that each step of the fabric making process is ethical and sustainable. Zuela recently partnered with a company called Econol that produces regenerative nylon and fabrics made from ocean plastics, which are going to be used to make their new yogawear. 

Continuing with the crystals, Steff sources them from a small, family-run company in nearby Kent that goes out personally and purchases crystals from all over the world. Steff emphasized that “crystals come from all different places in the world and [the company] always tells us where they’ve been sourced from.” All of the packaging is either recycled or recyclable, including their business cards. Steff takes it one step further by being conscious of the electricity use in her studio, and intentionally chose a space with plenty of natural lighting. 

Steff’s passion for learning about and engaging in crystal healing is endless- the crystals she’s loving at the moment are citrine and amethyst. Steff loves amethyst because, “it’s really good at opening your third eye, helping you connect to spirit, and alleviating insomnia.” In addition, it’s pretty purple hue has started popping up all over. “I’ve even found myself painting my nails purple and doing a lot of things purple so I feel like that energy is really coming through,” Steff remarked. The citrine crystal gives off a happy and uplifting vibe providing you with confidence, which Steff said makes it a fun crystal to use during crystal healing sessions. 

In addition to the personal crystal healing sessions available now via Zoom, there will be more opportunities soon to do crystal healing sessions. Steff said that due to the coronavirus, she was forced to cancel the Zuela retreat, however, stay tuned for an update on its return!