Slay girl, slay….At life and all things fashion.  Your followers and friends depend on you for the fashion tea, we’re here to make sure you never disappoint.  Our fashion forecast senses are telling us that tons of plaid is going to be in your future.  Once the sin of fashion will now be a staple in your closet.  And this doesn’t just mean flannels. Check out how influencers are sporting the fun trend!

Plaid Bottom Jeans

Caroline Mae, an Instagram influencer (@caroline_mae), wore red plaid pants with a plain white tee. When asked about the outfit, she told us that plaid is an easy way to make a statement. “I love plaid, it’s such an easy way to make a statement. But you don’t have to feel like it’s too much! A simple top with a bold bottom is super trendy and easy” said Caroline. We totally agree with her! Bold plaid pants instead of the classic blue jeans can spice up any outfit.

When it comes to being a fashionista, being bold is one of our habits.  P. Bread, another one of our favorite Instagram babes (@realpbread), gave us her opinion on plaid. “I love plaid because I feel as though it’s a bold statement but also casual. You can style plaid with anything easily and it’s an everyday look! You can go from an alternative look to a high fashion Burberry inspired look. The different colors in a plaid also give you creative liberty with your outfit and can introduce new colors. I’ve always been into music and I feel my style is reflective in the music I listen to, to me plaid is a way for me to express my interests in rock, alternative, and metal! Plaid is my favorite and always will be.”

Whether you wear plaid to spice up an outfit, to be trendy, or to express your interests, there are many ways to style it. Here are some of our favorite outfits that include plaid put together by Instagram influencers:

Linda (@lindalovesfashion) sported black and white plaid pants. Shop her look here. 

Leticia Harumi (@let.itbe.harumi) rocks her plaid pants with a leather jacket. Shop her pants here.

Kimberly (@x_blueneko) wore her yellow plaid pants with a denim jacket and a checkered fanny pack. Shop her look here.

Bright Plaid Patterned Dresses

Of course, you don’t just have to wear plaid pants. Afterall, this isn’t the plaid pants trend; this is the plaid everything trend. Take a look at some of our other favorite plaid fashion.

Shalini Acharya (@styledevotee) wore a plaid prairie dress to stay trendy. Shop this dress here.

Daryllyn Emerson (@daryllynemerson) wore a simple plaid wrap dress. Shop this dress here.

Stay trendy!