It’s that time of year to get gifting! 

The holidays are often plagued with stress as we search high and low for those perfect items to wrap with a pretty bow for the people we love most. Not to complain, but holiday shopping is even harder when you’re hyper focused on saving the planet and protecting its creatures by shopping only for sustainable and ethical brands.

I started boycotting fast fashion back in 2018, and with time, I’ve transitioned to only supporting small sustainable businesses. Of course, my journey has not been perfect, but I’ve learned quite a bit about how to maintain my values while keeping up with the holiday tradition of gift-giving. 

With this lovely list of brands that pass Zoe Elle’s sustainability test, you’ll be sure to be the best part of all your friends’ and families’ 2020. No doubt, everyone will be impressed by your gift-giving ability, and you’ll feel amazing knowing you were able to support brands that care. 

For the Beauty Addict 

Beauty products are always in for the win, especially if you have that person you need to shop for that already has everything. Everyone could always use a new skincare set, lip gloss, or perfume, and I promise it will be much appreciated. The lovely part about these sustainable companies is that they offer items at all price points, so whether you need a small secret Santa present, or want to be extra generous, there is something perfect!

Vesca offers a selection of glowy makeup products that simply radiate sunshine. These products help preserve that dreamy summer glow all year round, and will surely bring a smile to the receiver’s face. Check out their stocking stuffers and save on product bundles!

This is my favorite skincare brand of all time. It’s luxurious and each product is truly unique. It will have your friends and loved ones changing their skincare routine for the better. I love the packaging of these products, and even better, the clean ingredients. Not only will you be spreading a little holiday cheer, but you’ll also be aiding the giftee’s transition towards a healthier beauty routine. OY-L has a great selection of curated gift sets, which makes shopping easier than ever! The Be Well Kit will be much appreciated by people of all ages!

So, if you’re not into gifting a makeup or skincare product, opt for some beauty accessories! Blush Off offers a sustainable zero-waste solution to make up wipes. Their products are simply gorgeous and make for a unique gift option. Even better, the company made these beautifully wrapped boxes with absolutely everything you could need to bring the spa into the comfort of your own home. 

For the Workaholic 

Whoa, these are the people in your life that could use a little extra self-care. Choose gifts that encourage relaxation, like a pretty candle, comfy clothes, or tea! 

In all honesty, you can never have enough candles! These candles are aesthetically pleasing and smell delightful. The holiday collection are my go-to scents, making for the coziest smelling home this season!

Who doesn’t love sipping a warm cup of tea while cuddled up with a warm blanket and some Netflix? This tea company prioritizes the environment while delivering lovely blends, perfect for the cold winter months. You’ll inspire your friends and family to take extra time to care for themselves as well, a cup of tea a day keeps the anxiety away!

For the Fashionista

These bags are classy, chic, and will be much appreciated by any woman who needs a stylish, yet practical, purse. These are a bit pricey, making it a good option if you need a more luxe present. 

These unique accessories made from cork will have every fashionista instantly obsessed with this newfound sustainable material! Oh, and even better, you’ll be elevating their wardrobe, which I’m sure they’ll appreciate. I mean, who doesn’t need a cool new belt?

I am obsessed with these earrings. They’re homemade and unlike anything I’ve seen before. The Crocheted Holiday Dangles will inspire festive fun, and be the main event of any outfit. 

These sustainable clothing basics will fit perfectly into everyone’s wardrobe. For the men in your life, check out Kotn’s sweatshirts and sweaters. The quality is superb, their values are on point, and the products are fashion-forward. And even better, it’s very affordable for a sustainable brand!

Gift-giving can be overwhelming, so I hope this guide gives you some peace of mind. One thing is true, whatever you choose to buy is generous and kind. It is so lovely that you are choosing to support brands that are sustainable and ethical despite all the marketing lulls of the season. The planet sincerely thanks you.

Wishing you the best of luck with your gift-giving adventures! Please enjoy the holiday season!