With summer kicking in, we are looking at the latest bold and colorful trends. FROST by Audrey Albert has caught our eye with unique and handmade pieces that are sure to give us cool girl vibes.


Audrey started FROST when she was in college as a crystal jewelry brand. Audrey explains, “Since most of the crystals I’m making are frosted, I decided to call it FROST.” The founder and owner is an avid trend follower, making each of her pieces detailed and perfected for consumers’ tastes.

A large part of Audrey’s inspiration for FROST creations comes from fashion week, traveling, and eye-catching materials. Audrey pays close attention to the market to create pieces that her customers will love: “I tend to always really study my market, I create sample designs and ask them if they like it or prefer something else. It’s really about knowing your market and what they are interested in. Then from there I fuel my imagination as to what people are really gonna like.” Every part of Audrey’s production is authentic and curated for shoppers.


FROST strives to make quirky and crisp items that are both handpicked and handmade in production that contradicts a fast manufacturing methods of the fashion industry. Audrey says that “The hard thing in business these days would prolly be how it’s fast now to just find anything anywhere.”

However, there is no surer way to source authentic and striking pieces than from Audrey Albert and her company. Audrey explicitly labels when stones are synthetic in her products without claiming to be something that they are not. Audrey goes the extra mile to make some synthetic stones herself, creating many colors for her clients to choose from. She explained the story behind the production of her very first pair of tassel earrings and the challenge of competing with mass manufacturing:

“There was this time when tassel earrings were a rising trend. That is when FROST started a buzz. I started to do my very first pair, randomly took a shot, and posted it on instagram. Then I got a whole bunch of inquiries and orders. I started to create another design again, LOLITA, and people loved it so much. That’s the time when I figured out that people actually embrace handmade pieces. That was until I went for vacation. When I came back, tassel earrings were everywhere and massed produced already. So I moved to another trend, acrylic and resin earrings, and started creating again. People got hooked. I always try to be at least one of the firsts who sell the trend pieces in the market and when it’s mass produced and can be found easily, I move to another.”

Audrey is a graduate of Industrial Design, a course that not only teaches you how to create something, but to make it functional. She says, “Ever since I was young I was always curious as to how something is made. I’m a great fan of DIY shows or blogs.” This is the center of FROST’s purposeful aesthetic: “It’s quirky yet super wearable.”

FROST specializes in accessories galore: headbands, hair clips, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Audrey’s favorite creations are the Lolita Earrings, Textured Series Earrings, Mermaid Clips, and Lara Headbands:

“LOLITA earrings because they are absolutely a stunner every summer. I get features because LOLITA is such a standout piece. Textured Earrings are my clay pieces. These are subtle blush and earthy tones. It’s a modern piece with a classic style. Mermaid Clips!!! This is one of our very own handmade clips that people really loved. Shells are making a comeback this year and when I released it people went crazy over it. Very 90’s but also just very cute and girly! And now our recent best sellers are the LARA headbands. There are braided headbands out in the market but we try to create LARAs in the most flattering colors possible. It’s chunky yet super wearable. We normally get people ordering these for their bridesmaid hair wear for weddings and people just love it cause it really adds a statement even on casual outfits!”

If you’re just as in love with Audrey’s brand as we are, you can order her FROST goodies via instagram or Viber. Audrey is currently working on updating the brand’s website and accessing international shipping abilities. FROST even creates custom pieces that you can order through the same online platforms. Given the right amount of time and materials, your dream accessories can be realized.

Brielle Pearl Headbands

FROST by Audrey Albert is a reliable brand with stunning pieces that are ethically and genuinely made. We love the work that she is doing! Make sure to beat the heat this summer with FROST—rather, beat all of your friends to the latest trends!