Saint Lombard began with the intention to create a gorgeous, classic bag perfect for any occasion. Piyah, the founder of Saint Lombard, inspires women to simply have one bag for everything. The idea is to consume mindfully, to only choose products that you truly love, and to genuinely use the things you buy. This concept is derived from Saint Lombard’s commitment to sustainability.

Every bag by Saint Lombard is designed to grow and age with the consumer. It is a bag that will last a lifetime, with proper care. They’re elegant and classy, yet modern and sophisticated. Piyah advises that the best way to adapt to an eco-friendly lifestyle is to assess your consumption habits. Her advice to buy less, but choose wisely. 

Staying true to their values of a minimalist wardrobe, Saint Lombard carefully developed three bag styles. Currently, Piyah’s favorite bag is the North Beach Bag. She loves its versatility and contemporary style. The Soma Tote serves as a functional and fashionable tote bag, perfect for carrying around lots of goodies. The Mission Bag is a stylish cross-body, perfect to take for those busy days on the go. All the bags are an innovative approach to the classic silhouettes. These designs drew inspiration from the active woman who needs a reliable bag, yet prioritizes style. Their main focus is on their customers, and how their bags can add value to their lives. 

Each bag is crafted in Italy using sustainable and ethical practices. Saint Lombard is committed to preserving the environment. Piyah believes it is a responsibility we have as humans to consider how our actions impact the planet. Fortunately, she believes that every brand will be forced to adapt to more sustainable practices as the climate crisis heightens. 

In 2020, it’s rare to find a brand that embraces traditional craftsman practices. However, Saint Lombard works with small, family-owned businesses to produce their bags. This ensures exceptional quality and sustainable practices throughout the entire manufacturing process. The artisans are dedicated to their craft and seek to preserve their family’s tradition, as most are third and fourth generation craftsmen. The finished bags are proof that style does not have to be sacrificed for sustainability. 

Additionally, Saint Lombard is dedicated to giving back to our communities. A portion of every purchase is given to Commit2Change, an organization giving young girls the gift of an education. They seek to give bright futures to the women of our next generations, whose circumstances get in the way of learning. As women, we have a responsibility to help other women, and it’s wonderful that Saint Lombard is choosing to take action.

Her mother’s elegance juxtaposed with her commitment and perseverance, posed as inspiration for Piyah’s brand. The label examined the needs of working women, and noticed that they are often on the go from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Piyah believes that women should not have to carry around multiple bags. Instead, she should simply have one that is perfect for the corporate office and that fancy dinner party. It’s a bag that does it all, so no woman has to sacrifice fashion for function. She designs bags to empower women, while ensuring no harm is done to the environment.

Saint Lombard is one of the most eco-friendly fashion companies to date, so we asked Piyah how we can verify we are shopping from sustainable labels. She told us to research the brand before purchasing, and advised us to not be fooled by packaging. Piyah says that becoming educated on sustainable and eco-friendly products and brands is one of the best things to do. Fortunately, Zoe Elle is a great place to start learning!

These beautiful bags can be ordered on their website. Be sure to check out Saint Lombard’s Instagram, as well!