I am sure we have all been through the struggle of wanting to shop sustainably and buy ethical fashion that has a positive impact on the environment, but not necessarily being able to afford it – especially in recent times where unemployment and furlough are so prevalent. It can be hard to justify purchasing sustainable items with the high price tag, and it’s the reason some people are just not able to kick their fast fashion habit.

We caught up with sustainable fashion retailer Sanchos, and the co-founder Kalkidan Legesse told us about their new scheme around transparent pricing, and it is something we are so on board with.

Sanchos have decided to start sharing openly with customers how much something has cost them. The new pricing structure gives the customer the option to pay what you can afford. “Instead of having a set price for people, we will have three different prices and say to our customers, pay what you can afford.”  Paying the least would just cover costs, mid-price would contribute to marketing, website and operational costs and the full price would allow Sancho’s to develop and grow the business.

For example, the Trapeze Jumpsuit can be picked up from the website by paying either £80, £110 or £145.

This means that those that are financially able to, can aim for the higher tier of the price tag, whereas those who may not be in as good of a financial situation but still want to opt towards shopping sustainability, are still able to shop. “We are hoping this will take the burden off those who want to pay for ethical fashion but cannot afford it, and we hope it will lower the accessibility point for people.”

Sanchos was co-founded back in 2012 with the first store opening in 2014. It began whilst the founders, Kalkidan Legesse and Vidmantas Markevicius were both studying at Exeter University.

Kalkidan was studying abroad when she brought home some items of clothing that had been handmade. She sold them here in the UK at markets, and then sent the money back home. She found that by selling the items in the UK, she was able to send back more money than what they could earn in their local market abroad. The business began from there and it’s grown organically ever since.

The team behind Sanchos are also working on an app that is currently being tried and tested, called SHWAP. It’s a buy and sell preloved items app and will work to reduce the quantity of clothing that we as consumers have. It will include outfit inspiration, how to style pieces, and encourages you to sell items you are not wearing. “Average UK households have about £200 worth of clothing in storage, and we want to see if we can reduce this.”

When it comes to ensuring the items are fully sustainable, Sanchos have a strict buying criteria. They look for things made with natural materials that do not pollute the environment. The materials should be organic, non-GM and use no fertilisers. Their products are certified by leading organisations in the field of sustainability: “Our organic cotton pieces are GOTS assured, our vegan products are all PETA-Approved and our recycled products have been certified by GRS, to name just a few.” On top of this, Sanchos are always on the lookout for items that are above trends and will last. They aim to help customers build minimalist wardrobes that work for their needs, and look after the Earth, as well as those who make the items. 

With their option to choose your own pricing, it’s hard not to shop the great deals on their online shop. Plus, they have a lot of loungewear options that look extra comfy, so we’re in. Make sure to follow their instagram to keep up with their latest styles.