We spoke with Revari Founder, Eartha Hubbell, about her sustainable fashion journey and how it led her to start the online shop that sells certified eco-friendly clothing, accessories, and home goods. Revari takes out the guesswork for shoppers wanting to become more socially conscious. Eartha tells us about all the research that goes into selecting each item sold on Revari and suggests how we can start to make choices that protect the environment.

Eartha’s commitment to sustainable fashion started during her childhood. Her parent’s passion for eco-conscious living had a huge impact on the young entrepreneur, from composting to cutting back on car emissions, Eartha’s family was killing the clean-living game back in the early ‘90s before it was trendy to do so. Even though she didn’t know exactly how pivotal those moments would be in shaping her into who she would become, sustainability always remained in the forefront of this girl boss’s mind.

Eventually, Eartha’s love of fashion led her to seek a career in the industry, exposing her to the harsh ethics of the trade and its negative effects on the environment. Unable to stand by idly as the number of injustices piled up, the young entrepreneur set out to take a stand. Case and point: not getting involved just wasn’t an option for Eartha.  After all, she knew that if she just turned a blind eye to these issues, they’d still be happening. 

In creating Revari, Eartha’s goal is to establish a marketplace where women can easily access eco-friendly brands without having to be an expert on sustainability. One of the biggest struggles for shoppers wanting to make more sustainable shopping choices is not knowing where to start or what brands are actually sustainable. Revari, alleviates the need for hours of research by providing comprehensive details on all of the site’s items so that shoppers don’t have to become experts. We’re personally obsessed with the company’s Eco + Ethics Guide featuring easy to reference visuals on how each product is eco-consciously or ethically made. 

Like many women, Eartha loves the way fashion can make you feel. We all have that one clothing item or accessory that gives us instant confidence and positivity about our bodies. Fashion is a way for us to wear an expression of who we are. And as important as this universal art form is, everyone—not just manufacturers—should be benefitting from the business. 

Ready to shop the collection? Revari features exciting brands like Dazey LA, Tribe Alive, EMG Denim, Milo+Nicki, Amsha, Baleen, OKcollective Candle Co., Worthwhile Paper, and many more. And the best part: most of the brands on Revari are for women, by women. 

Eartha gave us the inside scoop and told us that one of her favorite brands on Revari is Girlfriend Collective, a soft, durable activewear line that’s ethically made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. The line ranges from $38 to $68, making it much more affordable than mainstream brands, like Nike and Lululemon. 

For anyone who wants to get more involved in sustainable living but doesn’t know where to start, Eartha advised that our best starting point lies in our personal passions. Once you figure that out, start making small adjustments where you can! 

While we may have a ways to go before sustainable fashion and beauty can take over the industry, Eartha says that sustainability is the way of the future because it has to be. There’s only so far we can push our environment. Once people become more aware of these issues, she believes that we will collectively begin to change our lifestyles and move toward a more sustainable future. 

Are you ready to start your own sustainable fashion journey? Head over to Revari at ShopRevari.com. And while you’re at it, why not check out Revari’s Instagram @shoprevari, Facebook @shoprevari, and Pinterest for some sustainable, eco-friendly inspiration?