The founding of Pink Stork starts with the founding lady herself, Amy Suzanne, who was diagnosed with “severe hyperemesis gravidarum during her pregnancies.” After working with countless doctors and her mother, who is a nurse, they began formulating products to help better her health. Those products then sparked the founding of Pink Stork, a health and wellness company that offers items ranging from vitamins and teas to apparel and accessories.


Amy tells Zoe Elle, “[Pink Stork’s] mission is to positively impact everyone we come into contact with and be able to provide hope to women who are going through challenges, or just looking for some encouragement in their day-to-day life.” The company started off with products aimed towards helping provide relief for morning sickness, but soon the brand’s mission expanded into an array of colorful items such as supplements, dresses, tea’s, and earrings. What we love about Pink Stork is how they don’t have a particular demographic. Any and all women can enjoy their products! 

Helping women with “a very faith-based approach” has led to the start of some great projects that truly give back to the community. Pink Stork’s first and current project focuses on fertility, providing resources in efforts to help “those who are struggling with various fertility-related issues”. You can find more information about this project, and see how you can get involved, by visiting the Acts of Service tab on the Pink Stork website. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many across the globe, but for Amy, “it’s been rewarding to see people taking an initiative of their own health, and [Pink Stork] being able to help them in the process.” Having the ability to look at the positive in such a dark time is a testament to how Amy as a founder carries herself and her company—a company that is already filled with compassionate women. Amys says, “we are a women-owned company, and 70% of our office is female. We put our hearts and souls into everything we do here.”


It’s pretty significant to have a company that is both woman-run and mainly employs women. Amy notes that “a lot of companies that are in our space are developed by men. We have men telling us what we should put in and on our bodies on a daily basis. But I really encourage women to research the companies they are using to help them feel better.”

Pink Stork at one point underwent a rebranding, and part of this rebranding involved reevaluating their packaging. “Looking at every single thing the customer touches was important for our rebrand,” says Amy. She wants her customers to “feel special” when opening a package from Pink Stork. And, opening a package does utilize a lot of your senses; think: How does a package feel? Look? Smell? When you pop open a bottle of Pink Stork’s vitamins, customers will notice the lovely aroma that’s released from the bottle. Amy explains, “you don’t smell the nasty vitamin smell, you smell a pleasant orange smell.” We can appreciate that!

Pink Stork is a company for all women because there are plenty of products that can carry and uplift a woman through any stage in their life. There are so many both beneficial and fun items available on the Pink Stork website—one of their most popular products, Pregnancy Flakes, was even featured in last month’s Cosmopolitan article, 17 Best Gifts for Pregnant Women. 

This brand is helping women to take control of their health, and what Amy has created is inspiring, as she tells Zoe Elle, “this is something I did not go to school for. I never thought I would start a company. But, I feel blessed to be in this position and be able to help others. I just want to help women be their best.” So, be sure to check out Pink Stork’s Instagram and website to see how this company can help you better your life.