For Amanda Styer Arnold, crocheting is a passion that blossomed into her gorgeous brand Mountain Fable Handmade. Amanda crochets beautiful jewelry by hand with the intention to preserve and modernize the artform. We had the chance to speak with Amanda about her beautiful jewelry, and try on some of the stunning earrings ourselves!

For starters, Amanda’s work is absolutely stunning! She draws inspiration from nature, magic, and folk art. The name “Mountain Fable Handmade” is derived from Amanda’s hometown in Virginia and her passion for folklore. She hopes to cultivate an individualistic spirit with her jewelry. Amanda found crocheting as a means of therapy and relaxation. The idea to craft earrings from crocheted pieces came to her naturally. She loved making them, so she knitted earrings for all her friends. It wasn’t until a shop owner commented on a pair of earrings made by Amanda that she realized she had a product worth selling. 

Every earring purchased from Mountain Fable is made exclusively by Amanda. Every single piece is hand crocheted and assembled by the founder herself. This ethical production method brings Amanda closer to her customers, since she ensures every piece she sells meets her perfect standards. She is dedicated to making her earrings and finds time daily to fulfill orders. Her crocheting style is personalized, so nobody will be able to exactly replicate her work. 

Mountain Fable Handmade is a small batch business, meaning that items are made to order, and often in minimal quantities. This minimizes waste and is generally a more sustainable approach to business. Her intention is to keep her label relatively small to avoid mass-producing her products. There’s this authenticity associated with Amanda’s unique crocheting skills, and Mountain Fable’s success thrives off that handmade quality. 

For people wanting to adopt a more sustainable and ethical lifestyle, Amanda explains how it is very important to find someone who motivates you. Whether it be a spouse, roommate, or friend, accountability is key to creating life-long habits that are better for the earth. Not only that, but it’s a fun way to grow closer to someone. Additionally, she recommends looking at content that encourages sustainable living. From sustainable businesses to bloggers, social media is filled with people advocating for eco-conscious ways of living. Amanda notes, “We can encourage each other to grow.”

Amanda advises future entrepreneurs to simply “follow what you love.” She explains how she just adores the process of making earrings, and her passion simply flourished into a business. She believes that if she could build a company around her hobby, anyone can do it! It’s all about communicating your passion with the world and following what you truly love. 

Amanda is passionate about preserving the planet. In regards to packaging, Mountain Fable does not use any single-use plastic. Everything is recyclable or reusable. The company strives to limit packaging as much as possible and considers its environmental impact every step of the way. Even better, Amanda uses vintage thread to crochet. Additionally, she will only use yarn made from all-natural fibers, like cotton. Amanda tries to shop as locally as possible, taking into consideration the pollution caused by transportation. 

From bright colors and bold geometric shapes, to intricate details, Amanda’s handmade earrings are perfect for every occasion. They’re fun and feminine. I’ve never seen any earrings like Mountain Fable’s and I’m obsessed! I love the Tassel Arch Crochet Earrings paired with a white tee and jeans. The Geometric Ombre Earrings are perfect for a day on the beach! No doubt, all of Amanda’s accessories need to be a part of your wardrobe. 

Mountain Fable Handmade is admired by artists worldwide and they have participated in a variety of collaborations, including one with Sister Nettle. Amanda envisions Mountain Fable Handmade expanding its product base to possibly include art prints and other items along these lines. 

Be sure to check out Mountain Fable Handmade’s Instagram and follow Amanda’s journey as her brand continues to prosper!