Picture this: Waking up in a haze, you reach over to hit snooze on your alarm for the third time, only to jerk out of bed with the startling realization that your Zoom presentation starts in five minutes … and you still have on a faded t-shirt from high school. Wouldn’t it be great if you could wake up, Zoom call-ready, and feel confident enough to take on anything working from home may toss at you? Enter More Sunday, the sustainable company that produces biodegradable, 100% mulberry silk, sleep and loungewear that effortlessly transitions from bedtime to work time.

“What we are is sort of a happy medium of sexy and alluring, but in a very covered way,” Danielle Wu, CEO and founder of More Sunday, explains. “So that makes [our products] very appropriate to lounge in all day and get on a work call, etc.” In all honesty, the brand’s silk tops and bottoms are so chic that you can easily style them into an outfit to receive all of the compliments. Plus, the shorts and pants have functional pockets—a detail Danielle made sure to add.

Danielle decided to start More Sunday when both her mother and dog were diagnosed with cancer, giving her a “life is short” wake-up call. She felt like it was, “very important to prioritize health and being very careful with what we are surrounding ourselves with.” During this time, she did a lot of research and found that silk is a wondrous, resilient fabric. “It’s the strongest natural fiber that there is, and it’s great because [there are] no chemicals, it biodegrades, [and] it doesn’t leave plastic in our ocean—which we actually end up ingesting through our food.” So, she thought it’d be a, “good, stable fabric to go from.”

More than half the workforce at Danielle’s previous employer worked from home even before COVID-19, which was the original reason she felt More Sunday’s business model would be valid. “… that constant struggle of ‘Do I change into work clothes at home?’ … I wanted to create a product that would solve that problem,” she says.

But, even if you’re not working from home, More Sunday is still for you. Maybe you’d like to be able to walk your dog without having to change out of your pajamas, like Danielle had expressed. Or, perhaps you just want to wake up feeling like you’re a royal off-duty. (Also, did I mention that the bottoms have pockets?) Danielle states it best: “[More Sunday] is really just catered towards that woman who does it all, but also wants to feel nice.”

When Danielle experienced her self-proclaimed life-is-short “quarter-life crisis,” she traveled for three and a half months by herself, using that time to sketch out the designs of her products. She started off with the traditional, boxy pajama designed for a man, and added feminine details. “I added things like butterfly details, [and] I gave the pants … a very central curve that elongates your legs,” she recounts. In Vietnam, a woman made Danielle her first prototype, and after that, she had her friends test products and give feedback on how to improve her designs—you can thank them for the rounded hi-low cut bottom of the Nolita Reversible Racerback Top.

Utilizing biodegradable fabric is immensely important to Danielle, because hearing about the amount of pollution that’s in the ocean and the fatal effects it has on marine life is pretty upsetting for her. And, quite frankly, it should probably be upsetting for everyone. Danielle references the tiny microfibers that synthetic fibers, such as polyester (a staple in fast fashion), release into the ocean upon basically every wash. “What’s happening is a lot of our fish are eating it, and then we’re eating it.” 

“In most consumers’ minds, when you throw [a clothing item] away, you think that, ‘Oh, it’s just gone.’ But it doesn’t disappear, ever,” Danielle stresses. “There are landfills, it goes into the ocean, it’s forever polluting our environment. It’s important to me that something does biodegrade when you don’t need it anymore because then it’s not leaving a footprint on our earth.”

More Sunday is truly on a mission to better the planet and our lives—and help us look fabulous while doing it. Because, “why not look good and feel good while you’re at home?” If minimum effort and maximum style sounds like your kind of party, head on over to More Sunday’s website for all of their biodegradable 100% mulberry silk products. And, if you need a little silk outfit inspo, definitely check out their Instagram