As put by Morgan Kret, founder of women’s fashion and textile brand YESiSA (that’s ye-see-sa, FYI): the art of fashion lies within our human need for connection and our ability to make something beautiful with our hands. In a time filled with fast fashion trends, the desire to sport something that will stand out from the crowd becomes even more important. We got an inside exclusive with the brand to find out exactly where the magic started. With its bold prints and vibrant colors, we think this brand is going to be perfect for this sunny season. We’re so ready to soak up the sun and embrace all the sustainable and ethical vibes from this brand! 

Morgan founded YESiSA a few years after moving to Ghana in West Africa. Captivated by the culture of handmade craftsmanship, where materials are dyed with fruits, vegetables, and metals, Morgan set off on her mission to deliver these handmade “wearable art pieces” to forward-thinking babes like you! 

Imagine: over 400 POUNDS of up-cycled textiles, glass bottles, and brass sourced from all over Africa are being transformed into culturally-rich works of art so you can express your individuality with a deeper meaning! The patterns and motifs featured on YESiSA’s products are woven with the heritages of the communities they were made in, creating a beautiful story to share across the globe. Now that’s the kind of inclusivity we love to see! Every shape, line, and color that you see in the brand’s pieces capture a meaningful story that is meant to bring us closer together in a more tolerant and interesting world. 

The artisans in Ghana that YESiSA partners with are key aspects in their amazing full-circle process. YESiSA aims to work with individuals who are creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs on a path of positive change for the betterment of fashion and the planet. Each fashion item from YESiSA holds a meaningful story that its wearers can feel. Unoriginal fast fashion—we’re so over you.

In need of some suggestions? One of our favorite bags from YESiSA is the Bogolan Beauty Cross-Body (shown below), named after the community who makes it. Each bag is one-of-a-kind with hand-tanned genuine leather from places like Niger (vegan leather options are available too!). These bags are hand-woven and made with hand-painted or dyed cloth that is sourced from all across Africa. We love this bag for its simple design and wearable color! We think it’ll pair amazingly with a summer dress and gold accessories. Beach vacay, anyone?

We know it can get a bit overwhelming trying to find the perfect item that fits everything you want and need it to be, whether that’s a bag or clothes or a lipstick. Trust us, we totally get it! Morgan offers some valuable advice for shoppers: connect with what you are truly interested in and seek that out in the brands you shop with. She points out that some brands “can do it all” in their efforts of being inclusive and as socially and environmentally responsible as possible, but the younger brands that are doing one thing, and doing it really well, are in for the long run to create a deeper connection with their audience.

With sustainable and ethical brands like YESiSA gaining popularity and support in the fashion industry, we are in the midst of a fashion revolution that’s seeing new and old brands trying to make a change. It almost seems perfect that Yesisa means change, a fitting example of how purposeful we can be with our expressions.

YESiSA is built on a movement to give consumers access to more meaningful purchases, rather than just buying more stuff. Buying with a purpose means to spend that hard earned coin on brands like YESiSA that practice ethical principles from start to finish. Brands like these are built to last. With powerful brands like YESiSA taking over the industry, we know the sustainable fashion movement is not stopping any time soon! 

Psst! Morgan and her team have something exciting on the horizon for the brand! As we move and adapt to the motions of our world, we’re finding new ways to connect with people. Beginning next month, what will formerly be known as YESiSA will be relaunched as Geometric! The growth of the brand has pushed it toward this change, and they plan to hire additional artisans for training programs, launch new apparel, and expand into other countries! Keep an eye out ladies, these items are going to be perfect for this season!