If retro meets modern is your favorite style and you’re always on the hunt for an eye-catching look, you’re about to have a new obsession. Doubledutch Boutique is a Baltimore-owned boutique that prides itself on a unique shopping experience and an eclectic collection of statement pieces. The store essentially has a little something for everyone, carrying handmade designs, vintage finds, and sustainable fashion. We got the chance to test drive a couple looks and chat with Lauren and Lesley, the powerhouses behind the boutique, about what sets Doubledutch apart.


Doubledutch takes curating your look very seriously. The boutique doesn’t make an effort to follow trends and instead focuses on stocking clothing that can’t be found in typical retail stores. Pieces from national and international designers are featured in the store right alongside vintage threads and handmade designs from local artists. Browsing through their collection certainly isn’t for the timid, as you can find everything from a mixed print midi dress to a palm-tree covered skirt. A desire to break away from the stereotypical mold of clothing sold in malls and chain stores was Lauren and Lesley’s motivation behind creating the store.

The pair met through an online moms chat group, where they bonded over their love of vintage-inspired modern lines they had found throughout their travels. They lamented the fact that Baltimore lacked a place where you could discover such alternative fashion options. The two soon realized that they already had a community right in front of them, through the online moms group, of women who were creating their own unique jewelry and clothing. Lauren and Lesley knew they wanted to create a space where consumers of all backgrounds (regardless of gender and style) could find individualistic pieces, as well as to incorporate their mom-buddies’ designs and other up-and-coming designers.

Supporting local designers has been an integral part of Doubledutch Boutique’s identity since the beginning. The store has an entire “Made in Baltimore” section dedicated to highlighting local artists and sharing their story with customers. As Lauren and Lesley stated, “Through this feature, often in addition to their own online stores and presence, our local vendors and designers are able to gain exposure, without the financial stress and commitment of opening their own brick and mortar stores.”. Their devotion to spotlighting young talent has made Doubledutch a staple in Baltimore fashion. 

Not only does Doubledutch feature local creators, the boutique also gives sustainable fashion a modern and trendy appeal. Any lingering notions of eco-friendly fashion’s frumpiness are quickly dismissed through the store’s contemporary take on clothing that is kind to the environment. Doubledutch collaborates with designers such as Becky Jane Sews, a Baltimore based seamstress who designs and sews clothing from vintage fabrics, and Ark Reworked, an upcycled vintage brand. Ethical sustainability is also highlighted through their work with made in the United States brands such as Nooworks, which employs up-and-coming artists and graphic designers to create their garments. In addition to simply selling sustainable clothing, Doubledutch likes to educate and inspire consumers by sharing the history behind every vintage piece, as well as the story behind every maker and brand’s pieces. 

Perhaps one of the reasons people are so drawn to Doubledutch Boutique is its ability to be multifaceted, complex and unapologetically true to its style, a vibe that is welcoming to anyone and everyone. We here at the Zoe Elle Team hope to integrate some of that same vivaciousness and love for our community (and planet!) into our everyday lives. Check out Doubledutch Boutique here and swing by their store to give your closet some love!