When the two beautiful women behind Mila and Fire decided to enter into the online marketing business, there were doubts and apprehensions. Naysayers told them that the online marketing business was oversaturated and a cut-throat competition.  Notwithstanding, they were adamant and fiercely driven to pursue their passion.

In a candid conversation with us, the founders talked about how they shunned all of their doubts and opened an online fashion store to sell hand-picked vintage and reconstructed outfits. In our Influence This series, we take you through the successful journey of Mila and Fire.

Fire in Mila + Fire Reconstructed Aqua 2-Piece Baby Doll Set

Fire in Mila + Fire Reconstructed Aqua 2-Piece Baby Doll Set

Here’s How They Took the Plunge

The entrepreneurs met through a mutual friend and shortly after, began working on their online marketing business. They kicked off their venture by selling vintage products on eBay.  As the popularity of vintage clothing was already on the rise, the support for Mila and Fire was overwhelming. Fashion fanatics were quickly buying their products. And the pair were ecstatic to know that their online business garnered such a large support.

Mila and Fire

The Breakthrough

A major breakthrough came when Mila and Fire began earning media coverage from the nation’s top publications such as the New York Times and Essence Magazine.  After that, there was no looking back.

The founders believe that strong social media presence can do wonders for new online businesses. The trend of online shopping has steadily increased as more people, particularly the millennial generation, prefer to buy online. The convenience of purchasing on the internet instead of running into over crowed and visually overwhelming shopping malls has taken this industry by storm. This trend notably served as a catalyst for a number of passionate women like Emily Weiss and Sophia Amoruso to build fashion empires.

Mila in Reconstructed Mila + Fire Set

Mila in Reconstructed Mila + Fire Set

Departure From Their Goal

They say it’s hard to manage success. In Mila and Fire’s case, this was exactly what happened.

Overwhelming response and unexpectedly high revenues resulted in their departure from their major goal – to produce vintage outfits. The duo, like others, jumped on the fast trend of by designing clothes that were “in trend” rather than sticking to their original innovative idea of designing vintage clothing.  As soon as the grave realization came, Mila and Fire decided to take a break to reflect and course-correct.

Later, a rejuvenating re-launch allowed the passionate entrepreneurs to start anew and stick to their strategic goals.

Recipe for Success: Listen to Your True Calling

When asked if they wanted to give any piece of advice to all the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Fire stressed the importance of finding one’s true calling. For instance, Mila is a teacher and Fire is a successful digital marketer, however they do not shy away from pursuing their passion of selling reconstructed vintage clothes online.

The successful duo also talked about the importance of social media and how it can be used wisely to promote one’s business and attract potential customers.

We wish Mila and Fire the all of the luck and hope that their online business continues to skyrocket into success.