There is no age limit when it comes to pursuing your passion, and jewelry has always sparked an interest for 19-year-old, Mariam Abdelrehim. From designing jewelry to starting her company Bebe Rouge, this boss woman exemplifies that hard work and a goal to fulfill one’s passion is a sure recipe for success.

Mariam’s journey from growing up in Egypt to now living in California feeds into the inspiration for her company.

Bebe Rouge offers a collection of pieces that range from earrings and necklaces to bags and rings. The aesthetic of the collection gives off a golden dreamy feel that ties in elegance and simplicity. throwing on any of the pieces will definitely dress up any outfit!

The pieces are inspired by Mariam’s love for vintage shopping, architecture, and vintage cities such as Egypt where she was born. Her heritage helps bring inspiration to her collections, and it’s through warm colors that she hopes to invoke a warm comforting feeling when customers wear her jewelry.

Moving to California really jump-started her desire to create a company that features not only beautiful and well-crafted jewelry but jewelry at an affordable price. So many of us can relate to the fact that sometimes accessories portrayed in the media may give us a lust to own a golden pair of hoops or that really cool necklace, unfortunately realistically, not many people can afford high-end jewelry. But guess what: (round of applause, please!) Mariam is making it easier for customers to achieve the desired look at a price that won’t break the bank.

There is a gap in the market for jewelry that is well made, chic, and also sustainable hence the creation of Bebe Rouge. This female founder says that she wanted to see something different so she created it. She created sustainable, elegant, and affordable jewelry!

Bebe Rouge isn’t only about style, this company is also known for its sustainability.

Nearly all the pieces are hand made with the exception of rings or other items that might need a factory to create, but none the less, the jewelry is handmade with quality materials that are meant to last; promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable outtake that makes Bebe Rouge all the more special. Trust me when I say looking and feeling beautiful and confident shouldn’t come at a price. So just take a look at the golden delicate pieces that will have you looking like (and not spending) a million bucks.

Not many people can say they’ve begun to pursue their passion at such a young age and very few can say their journeys began in high school. Mariam’s journey shows the importance when listening to your gut when it comes to starting a business or pursuing a passion.