A new way to start your day … pull on something made with non-GMO certified organic cotton that’s recommended by most OBGYNs as the safest material for your vag. Yep, we’re talking underwear today, ladies. Knickey was started by co-founders, Cayla O’Connell Davis and Lauren Sagadore. They sought after a business in women’s underwear, as it’s something worn daily with the capability of creating a strong impact on a woman’s day. 

Cayla and the Zoe Elle team got to know each other a little bit and our findings are too good not to share! Nearing her completion of her graduate degree with a focus in fashion, Cayla began to research where fast-fashion was making an impact and what the white space was in the market. Women’s undergarments became a clear path where the pair aimed to offset the negative impacts of fashion, and provide women with a safe alternative to traditional panties. 

Knickey’s underwear are made with hand-picked organic cotton in India, which is spun into yarn and woven in a fair trade factory. After being shipped to the Knickey headquarters, the final product is packaged and shipped directly to your front door! It’s so important to make sure our lady parts are in a breathable and chemical-free environment in order to prevent pesky and harmful infections. The clearance bin panties are not worth the hassle and pain of a yeast infection, which is why Knickey is here to provide support at an affordable cost. 

Knickey goes beyond selling underwear, they have partnered with an NYC non-profit to collect your old undies and keep them out of landfills and oceans. This is where we find Knickey to be especially extraordinary in their environmental efforts. Since these garments are not accepted by thrift stores or homeless shelters, there are not many options for our used undies to go. The process is started at a local sorting facility where the clothing is shredded and turned into a fiber pulp that is then used for things like insulation, carpet padding, and more. It’s truly a full life cycle for those precious delicates. In 2019 alone, Knickey was able to “offset 1.5 metric tons of CO2 from the several thousand pounds of donations.” And the best part is Knickey accepts brands outside of their own for collection!

Supporting brands that stick up for our environment and the wellbeing of their customers is exactly what we are here to lift up, and are proud to do so! We asked Cayla what she would consider some of Knickey’s most prominent challenges as a sustainably driven business and she stated, “Any business is difficult to start, and when you add this layer of really holding yourselves to the highest standards that you possibly can and always setting yourself up for improvement, it gets that much more difficult,” we feel ya girl! Knickey has extraordinary plans for the future and believe us, this is only the beginning.