One of the many D.I.Y. fashion trends that has sprouted from our days at home in quarantine is tie-dyeing any and every t-shirt or pair of joggers in sight. It’s unavoidable. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t wearing tie-dye right now. From watching my favorite Insta-babes drench their clothing in their backyards, to overpriced “vintage” crew-necks being sold on Depop, the magical mixes of bright colors are everywhere. 

Tie-dyeing is surely nothing new, but the craze has made the demand skyrocket, and I am now seeing brands of all kinds converting their plain garments into more whimsical versions. The cozy athleisure brand Softwear,has quickly become one of my favorite trendsetters who’s owning this lane through the expansion of their product list and addition of custom tie dye or bleach out options to each of their items!

The company’s founder, Sabrina Zohar, created Softwear after spotting a need for comfy clothing brands that were wallet friendly, made with high quality fabrics, did not harm the environment or exploit their garment workers. Unable to find a reasonable solution Sabrina set off to create her own.  The made in America brand works with a family-owned mill in Los Angeles, who responsibly produces its fabric and then ships to a Brooklyn based manufacturing company that creates the final sexy unisex pieces that have become Softwear’s staple.  

Softwear doesn’t want to be like the big brands that I won’t name drop, and in my opinion it’s the reason she’s succeeding in her own individual lane. I asked Sabrina what she believes is one of Softwear’s biggest accomplishments, and she responded with the most down-to-earth answer, “for the company to have a heartbeat during this unprecedented time of [the] coronavirus.”  The founder’s continued commitment to put her customers needs and style aesthetic first not only makes my small-business-loving heart proud but also shines through in the sea of beautiful reviews the company receives:

“Love the nude tie dye.”- @dbcbrand
“Ooo so classy.” – @molliemcglocklin
“Ohhhhh this has summer to fall transition written all over it!” – @sarahmariegl

I love how versatile the pieces are from Softwear. Dress ‘em up or down and always achieve the perfect amount of style and comfort! The Zoe Elle Team was gifted the blue custom tie dyed tank (pictured above) and we’re all obsessed with the durability of the super-soft fabric. Personally, this tank has quickly become a closet staple that I can wear with sweats, a maxi dress, or shorts. The best part is the company’s new signature fabric promises not to pull, fade, shed, or shrink—making it a total win for me!  Now, I’m eyeing those hoodies! I’ll need three to lounge in style the next time I get to hop on a flight to Fiji.