Every woman has a body that’s unique, accentuated with curves and those lovely lady lumps. However, with this one-of-a-kind shape comes a struggle that is all too real: the fit. The goddamn FIT! Whether you’re thick, thin, or anything in between, finding pieces that work for your body is a universal issue. 

We got the chance to speak with a leading lady in the sustainable fashion industry, who also values how a product looks and feels: Tiffany Broadway, owner and designer of Bold Swim. 

Tiffany started Bold Swim after struggling to find intimates and swimwear that fit her body while making her feel comfortable and sexy in her own skin. Finding the perfect garment can be especially difficult when looking to shop ethically. But Bold Swim combines the best of both worlds: quality structure mixed with non-toxic and environmentally friendly fabrics. 

Demi Bralette Set


To ensure the quality of her brand and its designs, Tiffany works closely with her production team in Brazil. CO2 Control® is a Brazilian manufacturer dedicated to producing clean and biodegradable textiles without the harmful effects of toxins on the body and the environment. Bold Swim uses Amni Soul, a fabric in the CO2 Control® line, to reduce production traceability without sacrificing the comfort or breathability of killer swimwear looks. Tiffany’s partnership has fostered the growth of a brand in fashion, completely dedicated to fixing the pollution of the garment industry. 

Not only does Bold Swim cater to the environmental crisis, but Tiffany also works to perfect a universal fit for your body type. As an inclusive brand, Bold Swim is designed to compliment every skin tone, texture, and shape. Tiffany also stresses that her pieces are not limited to functioning as swimwear. Many of her customers use their purchases as swimsuits, sports bras, and bodysuits for multiple outfits. 

Bold Swim started with Tiffany’s own journey. As an empowered woman of color, she strives to build loving communities within what, at times, is a toxic industry. As a designer, Tiffany has learned the importance of her impact on the planet as well as her influence in the perception of body standards and positivity. She is motivated to share Bold Swim products, giving life to a growing cyclical fashion economy and promoting comfort and wellness for all women everywhere. 

We are so fortunate to have worked with Tiffany Broadway and look forward to Bold Swim’s bright and sustainable future!