Whether we like to admit it or not, plastic is everywhere we look. From where I’m sitting and writing this, I can see that my snack is in plastic wrapping, my lip balm next to me is in a plastic pot, and I’ve just had an online order arrive packaged in—you guessed it—plastic. With almost eight million metric tons of plastic ending up in the world’s oceans annually, and the equivalent of a truckload of plastic entering the oceans at every minute, it’s easy to think, How can one person change the world? But, if we all pledge to make a change, with one small step at a time, we can make a difference.

There are plenty of actions we can take to minimize our waste and use of single-use plastic. Here are Zoe Elle’s five tips:

1. Skip the Straws

We never thought we would see the day where we say to invest in metal straws, but considering that 500 million plastic straws are tossed away just in the U.S. every day, it sounds like a pretty good idea. You can get these metal straws conveniently found on Amazon, and they come in a set of eight! So, chuck four in your purse for when you’re out and about, and keep the other four for drinks at home.

2. Avoid Coffee Cup Lids or Buy a Reusable Cup

Okay, so we know disposable coffee cups are not plastic, but their lids are, and not all cups are recyclable. In fact, Starbucks produces four billion coffee cups each year. For the caffeine addicts out there, pick up a reusable cup to take with you on your Starbucks trips. PSA: Every time you bring in your own cup to Starbucks, you get a 25p discount on your drink. For the cutest designs, check out Etsy’s selection of reusable cups.

3. Give Up Plastic Bottles and Swap to Shampoo Bars

Shampoo and conditioner bars are a plastic-free, eco-friendly alternative to your classic, bottled hair washes. Given that more than 552 million shampoo bottles could be ending up in landfills every year, think of all the plastic that you could avoid using if you switched to a bar! One brand we love to use is HiBAR, a haircare brand producing salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars that are formulated for all different hair types. The solid bars come in recyclable packaging and look pretty cool sitting in your shower caddy. You can shop HiBAR’s range of bars here.

4. Take a ‘Bag for Life’ to the Shops

Heading to the mall or the supermarket? Remember to take a reusable bag with you. I’m guilty of forgetting this, and will often do a large food shop and have to use the plastic bags the shop provides. In the U.K. it now costs 5p for each plastic bag you use, so not only is it just damaging to the planet, but also our wallets! More than one million plastic bags end up in the trash every minute, and it’s as simple as keeping a reusable bag in your purse or car to help kickstart a change. You can either purchase a reusable bag from the supermarket, or go glam with these handy compact ones.

5. Check Body Care Labels and Avoid Microbeads

Microbeads are tiny plastic particles that can be found in products from body scrubs to face washes, and even in some products that you wouldn’t expect them to be in, like cleaning products. The U.K. government banned microbeads in 2018, however, the U.S. has yet to follow. So, it’s up to shoppers to do their individual part and steer clear. Also, make sure you keep an eye on labels and avoid products containing polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Those chemical ingredients are all not only bad for our environment, but can be potentially toxic to humans as well.