Every morning you wake up to countless unread emails and a full list of to-dos, which makes it feel impossible to keep your self-care routine alive.  And when the stress starts mounting, your diet and exercise are often the first to be sacrificed.  But the verdict is out: burnouts are really bad for business.  After all, those super demanding moments that seem to require 120% of you are when you need refueling the most.

I want you to know that we’re here for you girl, and with a simple shift you can get back to that kickass regime that keeps you on your A game. 

Holistic nutritionist and wellness coach, Lindsay Young, has four easy tips you can try to get you back in the groove:

There are a few anchors I need in my life to feel my best. When life gets crazy and busy, these are the basics I always return to:

??‍♀️ Movement ? Water
?? Morning quiet time
? Sleep
Veggies with every meal

Wanna know an easy way to get veggies in with breakfast? ? Raid the fridge for all the leftover meal prep veggies, add some frozen fire-roasted peppers & onions from @traderjoes, and top with two runny yolk eggs. ? And maybe your husband is as amazing as mine and will chop up some bacon & sausage in there too! ♥️

Let’s finish strong, babes. Nourish your body intentionally this week!

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