Influencers tackle the topics that everyone is talking about. They’re the creators of connotation in a world that thrives on double entendres. We look to them to define today’s popular issues, style, politics, and social climate. But let’s be honest, not every influencer thrives on integrity. That’s why it’s imperative that we seek information from several sources and align ourselves with influencers and media mavens who are genuine and credible. Talking with Latoya was like talking to nature herself. She just oozed life, confidence, and power. I couldn’t believe this was her first interview for the nUde brand.

Our society is finally finding its way back to its love for shapely women. The average consumer has access to a variety, that before the last 15 years, was not available. Thanks to brands like Aerie, who features real, unfiltered photos of women who support the brand, they are finally able to feel good about the bodies they naturally have. Latoya’s desire for women to feel confident, beautiful, and worthy, is why we have no doubt that women are going to flock to her gorgeous suits.

When I encounter a boss babe, the first question that pops into my mind is “I wonder who the person is behind the brand?” Believe it or not, Latoya feels so strongly about body positivity because of her own struggle with accepting her body. I was absolutely thrown by that. Here is this amazingly beautiful woman who is fit and well put together, who struggles with the same things we all do. It was the perfect reminder that we all need each other. We all need to feel encouraged and embraced. AND what a timely entrance into the world of fashion and body positivity! As women’s ascent into the business world continues to shatter glass ceilings we are seeing the diversity of our bodies celebrated more openly than ever before.  Remember when Rihanna made tidal waves with her Savage x Fenty lingerie line and her NYFW runway model line up? I mean, pregnant women walking the runway, Rihanna?! (I so want to be her when I grow up.) Now is the time do what seems crazy, but is really all about our natural sexy and practicality.

Speaking of, Latoya comes from a family of practical, hard working people. She even admits that before deciding to launch her line of swimsuits, she fell right into that category. Although I’d never consider that being a police officer is the “safe” route, to her, holding a full-time job (despite the vocation) was much safer than betting on herself. We talked about what it means to take a risk on your passion and we both agreed it can be absolutely terrifying. However, with other encouraging boss babes like @followthelita, who instilled the motto “take a break, but never quit” into her and @howshehustles, who focuses on the power of community, she was able to take her dream from an idea to reality. When she finally took a step a faith, she discovered how powerful her creativity was. She discovered that being successful could be more than being a doctor or lawyer or scientist. And… that it’s never too late.


The word that comes to mind when I think of Latoya, is holistic. Every aspect of her life lends to the other in a completely whole, loving, and healed way. It makes sense that she describes her swimsuit line as “Bold, confident, vibrant, fierce… [being] nude is about baring it all, stripping off layers, insecurities anything holding you back from living your truth.” I truly believe that women are going to be drawn to her… and then to her brand. People want to connect to something real and personal.  And that, ladies, is why we know this line is going to take the internet by storm. 

The full collection which features bold and sexy swimsuits and cover ups will be available for purchase starting April 7th.