Your Instagram theme is a decision that you have to make based on your personal aesthetic, skillset, as well as your audience’s interest. Your theme can be in accordance with one of a number of things, but whatever you choose is your to own—so go for it.  If you aren’t the best photographer, remember that themes are not always about editing; maintain your posts with catchy captions that keep your viewers coming back for more. Or maybe focus on a location, sharing all its aspects, both hidden spots, and primary locations, with your followers. You could even narrow down your posts to one or two specific subjects. It can be a makeup blog, a book reviewing platform, a collection of images of your wardrobe or even a food Instagram! The choice is yours…Nothing boosts followers (and sales) like a themed Instagram.

Follow the above simple rules whilst practicing your own artistic freedom to get the exposure and engagement that you deserve.

Happy Instagramming!