What You’ll Learn

Skills: UX Basics, How to Create the Perfect Product for Your Audience, & How to Turn Your Audience into Paying Customers (CRO)

About Ana

Ana is a designer turned UX and CRO consultant who currently has her own UX agency based in Portugal. Formerly at Google, she has also worked with several agencies, start-ups and as an independent consultant for corporate clients. At Google Portugal she has co-led the mobile UX initiative, working with some of the biggest Portuguese companies across different industries, helping them improve their mobile user experience and make use of the modern mobile web technologies to their advantage. She has also collaborated with global teams at Google in several UX initiatives.

A User Centered Approach w/Ana Santos

Course Description

What do Glossier, Colorpop Cosmetics, and Nasty Gal all have in common?  

They are all brands that were started by everyday women like you.  So what did these brand owners get right?  You talked, they listened, and then went back to their hives to build mounds of products you couldn’t live without.

It’s not enough to create a killer website and market it like crazy, if your products or services aren’t right for your audience.  Learn how to spot potential sales opportunities and create an offering that your audience can’t wait to buy.

In this interactive course, Ana will personally guide you through the user-centered approach that top brands leverage to convert their audience into loyal brand advocates.  

Not sure if this course is right for you?

If you are a fashion product, service, consultant, or app based brand you’ll gain the perfect strategy to create an alignment to your audience’s interests.  Once your session is over, you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to boost sales for any product (physical or digital) right away.

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