Now let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite CLE products that we’ve tried (spoiler: we love them all).

First off, we tried CLE’s Multi Cream and we think it’s great as an all-over moisturizer from your face to your elbows! It’s a luxurious balm-like consistency and has a light herbal scent that helps us calm down and relax after a long day. We totally get why Lauren called this cream the “perfect purse companion.” It’s seriously an all-around moisturizer for whenever, wherever.

We also love the brand’s Vitamin C Elixir, an anti-aging 2-in-1 oil and serum that brightens and moisturizes. We think dry skin types will especially love this as a vitamin C option! Lastly, we’ll mention CLE’s Melting Lip Powders. These multipurpose shades work great as a lip, cheek, or eye color. We’ve used them to add a pop of color to our eyes and lips, as a sheer blush, and as a glowy bronzer for days we want to look sunkissed—the possibilities are endless! They might just be one of best universal lip products we’ve tried so far!

P.S. CLE is currently giving two KN95 masks per customer order while supplies last! Definitely take advantage of this if you’re in need of a protective mask and some new beauty products!