If you, like many of us, are still avoiding visiting salons currently, you may have taken matters into your hands. Whether you’ve been plucking your own brows, touching up your own roots, or working hard to master an at-home manicure, you’ve probably realized how hard it can be to find products to use that are 1. kind to both your body and the planet and 2. work well. Trust me, I get it. Luckily, when looking for new nail polish for my own DIY manicure, I came across the brand Tuesday in Love.

Tuesday in Love is a Halal Certified nail polish and accessories brand. Based in Canada, the cruelty-free and child labor-free company holds their code of ethics to the same standard as the quality of their products. The nail polishes are also 5-Free and vegan. They release new polish colors every month, and even take in customer feedback to help create the shades their consumers want to see. Their skincare and makeup line is halal and organic, with their hijabs gaining popularity as new colors are being launched.


Tuesday in Love was set up seven years ago when inventor and CEO Dr. Umar Dar decided to create the company after struggling to make ends meet. (You may or may not recognize Dr. Dar from Canada’s Dragons’ Den—Tuesday In Love was the first halal cosmetics company to appear on the show, FYI.) He recalls, “[My wife and I] had once walked past a store in the mall and some bright bottles of nail polish caught her eye. And although she had admired them, she placed them back down simply because we couldn’t afford to spend any extra money. I remember the look of dismay on her face.” He decided then to look up halal nail polish and thought, “There must be a better version of this. Can I make something that actually does work?” Cue free samples of different chemicals, a makeshift lab in the kitchen, and various experiments. Soon Dr. Dar, a medical doctor, had invented a product that truly worked.

The nail polishes that Tuesday in Love produce are water permeable. So, for practicing Muslims such as Dr. Dar and his wife, the functionality aspect of it being halal means they do not need to remove the nail polish when they perform wudhu before prayers—which can be up to five times a day. In order to pray properly, women must clean themselves by washing every part of their hands and arms, including their nails. We’re sure you can agree that it would be frustrating to spend so much time perfecting your mani, only to wash it off. The Tuesday in Love nail polish formula is made with a unique color polymer compound that allows water molecules to penetrate through it to the nail bed surface, unlike traditional nail polish, providing a healthier, breathable environment. To shop the ingenious range, click here

I’ve really enjoyed my Tuesday In Love polishes. One of the colors I’ve loved wearing this summer is called Dream of You. It’s a neutral pink/purple shade, and the Clear Topcoat gives it a nice, glossy finish. The polish applies evenly, and I only needed two coats to reach opacity. I have found that it dries much faster than traditional nail polish, which is great if you’re someone like me who cannot sit still for 5 minutes! I also think Hugs & Kisses is the perfect summer color. It looks slightly orangey in the bottle, but it’s a nice pink with coral undertones. It dries kind of matte, but their Clear Topcoat finishes it off with a pretty gloss. Next, I’ll be trying California Girl, which is a true hot pink color—I always love this kind of shade on toes.

Well, what are you waiting for? Check out Tuesday in Love on Instagram, and see for yourself all of the halal nail polish, halal cosmetics, halal skin & hair care, hijabs, and accessories offered on their website.