We reconnected with Jenn Brosch, founder of Wildly Free Beauty, to talk about her brand’s new product and how she’s dealing with COVID-19 both personally and business-wise. With everything slowing down and businesses on hold, a lot of companies and business owners are struggling. We talked with Jenn about how she’s keeping her relatively new brand afloat and if there’s any advice she has to fellow business owners during these times.Also, she tells us how she’s using her beauty brand to give back to those in need during these times and how we can all contribute too. 

Psst! If you didn’t know already, Jenn’s our go-to beauty guru when it comes to taming and defining our wild brows (check out our first article with her here, where we talk about her brand’s origin story and unpack clean beauty myths—it was a blast). 

Like a lot of business owners, when COVID-19 hit and businesses started to become negatively impacted, Jenn worried about how it would impact Wildly Free, especially considering the business was still just getting off the ground. Though her heart goes out to business owners like herself who are going through a hard time, she’s grateful that her business has the advantage of being largely online based. In fact, due to COVID-19 and quarantine, a lot of businesses are realizing how important an online presence is and many are jumping onto the digital business trend if they hadn’t already. For Zoe Elle, an online based business, we couldn’t relate more with companies like Jenn’s.  

Jenn’s also been making an effort to both maintain and increase her company’s sales. One way she’s been doing this is by offering virtual Wildly Free Beauty gift cards and free shipping to local customers. She’s also been making use of contactless deliveries, which has been helping to allow many businesses like her own to continue delivering their products while still being cautious. Wildly Free is also making sure to take the recommended health and safety precautions when it comes to packaging and shipping their orders.   

Meanwhile, Jenn’s also partnered with another brand to lend a helping hand to those in need (okay Jenn, how are you so amazing?!). For the entire month of April, Wildly Free is partnering with Beego Handmade to donate protective masks to medical professionals. A portion of all of Wildly Free’s April sales will be donated to Beego Handmade to support them in making these masks. So you’re telling me we can tame our brows and give back to medical professionals in need? Okay—I’m sold! 

If you’d like to give back to those in need like Jenn’s been doing, Jenn recommends starting by connecting with your local community organizations. Just like Wildly Free ‘s partnership with Beego Handmade, individuals or businesses can work together to contribute to those in need during these times. 

On a more personal note, Jenn tells us her days have been filled with self-care activities such as calming baths, reading, and having some alone time outside. Sipping tea and taking stress relieving supplements and herbal plant tinctures have been her go-to for staying calm and relaxed. Trying to keep herself healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically has been her priority.  

Jenn tells us she’s an ambivert, which basically means she’s a social and outgoing introvert, so these days of having to socially distance ourselves and stay home hasn’t affected her as much as it may be affecting all the extroverts out there. And besides, she works a lot at home anyways, so it hasn’t been too much of a change in that respect either. But, having her fiancé at home working alongside her is definitely something new for her.

Jenn’s grateful for the unexpected, but good change of pace; staying home with her fiancé has allowed them to spend extra time together and talk more. Cooking meals at home more often has also been a plus for Jenn. In terms of advice for others that are staying at home and social distancing, Jenn says to simply do whatever it is that will make you feel better, whether that’s doing some indoor exercise, rediscovering your inner top chef, or organizing things (or everything).

We couldn’t let Jenn go without asking about Wildly Free’s recently launched product in her Soapbox Brows line: the Universal Dark Soapbox Brows (*adds to cart*). She tells us it’s a new version of her popular brow priming and setting treatment that’s ideal for those with lighter brown hair who want a little more warmth in their brows or for those with darker brows who want a richer, enhanced look. And Jenn let us in on a little secret too—Wildly Free will be launching another new product within the next few weeks! We asked her to spill some more details, but she told us she can’t share too much about it just yet. Okay Jenn, we understand! But whatever it is, we know it’ll be amazing!

Keep an eye out on Wildly Free Beauty’s Instagram @wildlyfreebeauty and Facebook @wildlyfreebeautyva to stay up to date on what Jenn and her brand are doing next!