Fernanda McMacken created Trophy Wife Cosmetics when she realized the makeup she was using was negatively affecting her body and skin. It didn’t matter if it was a $3 drugstore lipstick or a $80 one, she was finding harmful ingredients in products no matter the price range. Through gradual changes toward a more conscious, clean lifestyle, Fernanda decided she wanted to create a beauty brand that represented the values she wanted to see on her beauty shelf. Trophy Wife Cosmetics was designed and formulated to embody luxurious makeup that’s good for you. Through developing her brand, Fernanda’s not only working to redefine the perception of a trophy wife, but also redefine what makes a luxurious lipstick. 

Zoe Elle Marketing Manager Dallas Wearing Shade Diane (Edited)

Fernanda grew up in Peru before moving to the U.S. as a teen. She grew up watching her grandmother and great grandmother make makeup from plants and fruits, because Peru didn’t have a Sephora or Ulta on every other street like in the US. She grew up on everything natural, and this inspired her journey toward a more natural, clean life.  

Trophy Wife Cosmetics | Salma

When she started becoming accustomed to the fast beauty and lifestyle culture of the U.S., Fernanda noticed her body getting increasingly sensitive for the first time. She developed skin allergies, rashes, and even noticed changes in her cycle. Even after making changes in her diet, Fernanda was still experiencing changes in her skin’s condition. 

Back then, Fernanda assumed like many other women that if a brand is being sold in stores, the ingredients must be safe for you. But when she started investigating the difficult-to-pronounce ingredients on the back of her products, she realized the harmful ingredients products often contain. She realized that the chemicals in the makeup she was buying were causing her skin to degenerate and have issues. 

Before she realized the realities of the ingredients in makeup products, Fernanda was one of the many women who love makeup, yet are not aware of exactly what they’re putting into their system. In creating Trophy Wife Cosmetics, Fernanda wants to send a message to women that we are sensitive and we absorb everything, so we should do our research and be aware of what is in our beauty products.

Zoe Elle Marketing Manager Dallas Wearing Shade Mackenzie

Trophy Wife Cosmetics’ first launch of products includes four powerful, pigmented, semi-matte lip shades: Anna, Diane, Mackenzie, and Salma. The lipsticks are 100% vegan, natural, cruelty free, and paraben free. That means plant based wax is used instead of beeswax and it has natural ingredients such as castor seed oil, shea butter, almond oil, and coconut oil. Plus, the lipsticks are non-drying and made to last from morning to night without the need for reapplication. Sound like a dream come true? We agree. Fernanda’s two favorite shades right now: Diane and Mackenzie. 

From Left to Right: Anna | Mackenzie | Diane | Salma

Of course, we were curious about the story behind the brand name and the names of each lip shade, so we had to ask. Fernanda tells us that the name of the brand started out as an inside joke between her and her husband, because in the past she had spent some time staying at home while her husband worked. But as her brand concept developed, the meaning behind the brand name grew into something more. 

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The stereotypical definition of a trophy wife is a beautiful wife that stays at home while her husband works. Trophy Wife Cosmetics has a different definition. Fernanda wants her brand to redefine a trophy wife as something powerful. She wants a trophy wife to no longer be a degrading term, but to instead represent a woman that works hard and is highly valued by her partner. She’s a trophy because she made herself one. That’s why Trophy Wife Cosmetics’ lipsticks are each named after famous women that have made it to the top and created a career for themselves. 

Zoe Elle Marketing Manager Dallas Wearing Mackenzie (Edited)

Lipsticks empower women. Fernanda can attest to the feelings a good, luxurious lipstick can give a woman. Fernanda calls her lipsticks a power tool and she knows how valuable it is to have a product that looks beautiful and is good for you at the same time. Fernanda urges women to become more aware of the products and ingredients they use on themselves for their body’s health.