We got comfy and cozy with Jen Wojtaszek, founder of beauty and lifestyle brand Spoil Me Beautiful, and chatted over Zoom (the new in way to meet with everyone from friends to coworkers) to talk about her brand and how she’s coping with COVID-19 and quarantine. With a brand name like Spoil Me Beautiful, we figured Jen’s an expert on how we can spoil ourselves, so of course we had to ask Jen about her self-care tips during these times. Her advice: keep busy, stay positive, and care for your body. 

From day one, Jen knew she wanted her brand to be cruelty-free and she’s accomplished just that (and so much more). The highlight of her brand are her wearable lip shades in the form of non-sticky lip glosses that are toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, ethically sourced, and 70% organic. Jen’s currently working toward a goal of being 100% organic, too. On top of all that, the brand donates 5% of each sale to organizations that help rehabilitate animals that have been victims of cruelty. Jen tells us that just having her brand be certified as cruelty-free isn’t enough for her. Jen’s always loved animals and been conscious of the impact beauty products can have on the planet. That’s why she’s always tried purchasing cruelty-free and eco-friendly products with mostly organic or clean ingredients.

Jen says purchasing products is a lot like voting. Every time you are purchasing something you’re voting for the values that product and its brand have. At the same time, you’re telling producers that you’re willing to purchase products with those values. Jen strives to purchase products that are animal friendly and planet friendly as a way to show her support for those values.  

Spoil Me Beautiful teaches women that they can still spoil themselves with luxurious products while not hurting animals or the planet, and spoiling ourselves is just what the doctor ordered, especially these days when a lot of us are extra stressed and anxious. We miss our gal pals, those sunny trips to the mall, eating out and sipping on that martini after a long day at work (oops, is that last one just us?). But the great thing is, we can still spoil ourselves while being stuck at home. 

Jen is doing just that by focusing on improving her self-care routine. She tells us skincare is something she has rediscovered since the stay-at-home order. In fact, a lot of women are turning to their skincare routine as an outlet to better care for themselves. This skincare = self-care trend makes a lot of sense, especially because things like stress and anxiety can show through our skin.

Jen tells us she’s been loving using her own brand’s lip glosses as part of her self-care routine. Spoil Me Beautiful’s lip glosses are actually more than a just beautiful lip colors: they can also be used as a lip treatment! The glosses have a ton of lip-loving ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and vitamin E. It’s no surprise the brand dubs their lip shades as “skincare for the lips” and “colorful skincare”!

Jen also says she’s been focusing on being productive and staying positive. She’s been listening to podcasts by speakers like Andy Frisella and Elena Cardone for positive business inspiration and motivation during these times where business has slowed down for many of us, including Jen. But the slow pace of business these days hasn’t stopped Jen from wanting to be productive.

Working on her business has always been her passion and even in quarantine she’s still working to improve and grow her brand. She’s doing this by keeping busy and trying to keep her day-to-day routine as normal as possible. For her, that means keeping on a routine schedule, going to bed at the same time every night, and setting an alarm for the morning. 

On the topic of COVID-19, Jen tells us that despite the hardships and widespread devastation of the virus, it has at the same time given our planet and ecosystem a break. The changes we are seeing in the environment these days are helping to show us what’s essential and what’s excessive in our everyday lives. 

Jen hopes these times of staying home and overall doing and using less shows people not only that climate change and other issues are in fact real issues, but also that we can start doing things in our lives to help alleviate these issues, things that we are forced to do today due to COVID-19, such as commuting and polluting less. If we see climate change just as serious an issue as COVID-19 we can start making real changes to our planet. 

At the end of the day, Jen suggests taking this time of change to reflect on how our daily lives contribute to the planet’s condition and, of course, to take the opportunity to better care of our body and well-being.