“Natural Beauty.”

Let’s unpack that.

We spoke with Alison from Peet Bros., makers of 100% palm free soaps and lotions, to learn more about the deforestation fiasco, its contribution to climate change, and what consumers can do to challenge the beauty industry’s deception.

Peet Bros. is dedicated to nourishing our skin with more of the “good stuff”: shea butter, cocoa butter, CBD, olive oil, hemp oil, coconut oil, argan oil—all the good freakin oils! 

Many “natural beauty” brands claim to be planet-friendly and free of toxic filler ingredients. However, the truth behind “shea butter” companies and other “clean” beauty claims is a devastating reality: palm oil.

Peet Bros. was founded after an impactful trip to Thailand. What was once a beautiful beach landscape was covered in smoke from forest fires in Malaysia and Indonesia. The culprit? Palm oil companies utilizing slash-and-burn farming techniques to open up ground for a new planting season. 

Not only have palm oil-harvesting industries decimated the land with fire, but the health and lives of citizens in these environments are severely impacted. And as if those issues weren’t significant enough, the emissions from burning carbon stores in the rainforests are altering our earth’s climate, sending masses of pollutants into the atmosphere. 

And yet palm oil remains an invisible factor in consumer goods. Peet Bros. is changing that with their transparency. This brand has absolutely nothing to hide, listing the ingredients in their soaps and lotions along with their functions. Peet Bros. allows you to indulge in all of the luxurious oils and butters of their products without the guilt. What is good for you is also good for the planet and for the people who are making the products that you love!

Here’s the takeaway: 

Being an advocate for your environment does not equate to having the financial means to do so. Fighting for the right to clean resources is accessible to everyone. Peet Bros. is in this fight for the long haul and so are we!