Launched in 2009, Adelaide-based ONE SEED is Australia’s first natural perfume company. They’re also an award-winning brand, winning The Beauty Shortlist Awards for Best Fragrance, Best Facial Elixir, and Editor’s Choice – Beauty in 2019. Their story started when Liz Cook, the founder, heard of people who were starting to replace their beauty and skincare products with natural alternatives, but couldn’t really find a natural perfume brand. So, she began to look into the concept.

Liz has a background as a functional nutritionist, and she has a real passion for understanding how natural and synthetic ingredients affect our bodies. She tells us, “Our bodies are made to deal with natural ingredients, not synthetic ones.” As a direct result of her passion and background, ONE SEED uses 100% natural ingredients with at least 80% organic content, and they never use ambergris or any other animal extracts. They are one of only a handful of brands in the perfume industry worldwide that have a full transparency policy, and they call theirs ‘Nothing to Hide’, promising that they will tell their customers exactly what’s in their products on their labels and ingredients lists.

Liz explains, “If we said we were committed to natural ingredients and we used only a little bit [of natural ingredients] and [the rest were] synthetic, then we wouldn’t be committed to natural. That’s what sets us apart. Very few companies are actually willing to put themselves on the line and say we are committed to this and there is no compromise. We do just that.“

We appreciate the ways ONE SEED demonstrates how they care for the environment, as well. Besides the brand’s products themselves being natural and vegan (consciously using ingredients and materials that are ethical and sustainable), their packaging is also recyclable! The bottles are made from glass, and you just need to remove the aluminum atomisers from the perfume bottles with a pair of pliers before putting them in your recycling bin. The outer packaging is all made from cardboard, so you can pop that straight in with the bottles. Top tip: The glass tubes make for great pencil holders and mini planters, too! We love a good ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ moment.

Liz tells us they’ve been working on a Home Fragrance line called Laundrette for the last two years, and we can finally experience it because it launched in June. It’s a beautiful scent you can use on your clothing or spritz around your home. We love the idea of the Sleepy Sheets Pillow Mist, which is a 100% natural pillow mist that will help you feel calm, relaxed, and ready for sleep. Sounds positively dreamy.

ONE SEED was kind enough to send us sample boxes to try. From the perfume box, we loved Symphony, which is a really warm, sweet, and floral smell, and reminds us of sunshine in the midst of a forest. It has notes of jasmine and mandarin. Out of the colognes, we really enjoyed Slow Fire, which reminds us of being outdoors and warm by the fireplace.

As for Liz’s favorite product? She informs us that she doesn’t actually have a favorite, and she also doesn’t tend to wear the fragrances that she makes. She’s around perfume all the time, so she prefers her senses to be really clean, and usually wears the scents she’s experimenting with and testing out at the time. At the moment, she is wearing Solitude, which is a men’s cologne Liz says she finds really comforting and nurturing. 

If you’re one who tends to be particular about your perfumes or colognes, ONE SEED offers the option to create your own Custom Fragrance, and you can decide the blend. There are over 45 different ingredients that are in the Scent Bar, where you choose the top, middle, and base notes, and up to eight ingredients can be included. You can combine some of your favorite scents for a new signature eau de toilette, or even create an organic version of your favorite perfume or cologne that’s already on the market but contains unsavory synthetic ingredients. Once you’ve designed your custom scent, it’ll be created and ready to be shipped out to you in just 24 hours. Plus, they keep the formulas forever, so you can always go back and order a refill.

ONE SEED was due to launch in the UAE this year, but their efforts were delayed due to COVID-19. They’re also planning on making headway into the U.S. by way of New York, but this has also been delayed for the time being. In the meantime, you can still enjoy their natural scents by shopping their products online! And, Liz also let us in on a sneak peek: They are working on a new collection called the Storyteller Collection; it’s a brand-new concept and it will include a kit of fragrances. They hope for the collection to be released close to Christmas time. Follow ONE SEED on Instagram for updates!