When OY-L’s founder, Andrea Pierce-Naymon’s daughter started having seizures during her junior year of high school, she saw countless doctors and underwent numerous tests in search of the culprit. Eventually, a tilt-table test revealed that her daughter had Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), which causes an abnormal increase in heart rate. The disheartening diagnosis sent Andrea on a mission to identify common chemicals that could have potentially caused her daughter’s condition.  After all, she just couldn’t shake the feeling that toxic products were the reason for the onset of the illness.

Along her quest, Andrea came across a phone app called Think Dirty which she now swears by.  Users are prompted to scan an item’s barcode and within a few seconds are provided with a report of the item’s “Dirty Meter” including a full ingredients listing.  The Think Dirty database currently contains detailed information of over 550,000 products to help you find cleaner alternatives for common household products. *Downloads app

Think Dirty changed the way Andrea viewed product ingredients. Medication that doctors had once recommended for her daughter’s acne, showed up as a ten on the Dirty Meter, meaning their ingredients were classified carcinogens that could potentially cause cancer. This new found knowledge left Andrea looking into alternative, natural, non-toxic ingredients that could efficiently cure acne, like one of the brand’s main ingredients Manuka honey.  And thus OY-L, a plant-based, chemical-free skincare brand, was born.

The inspired founder quickly set off to produce her first test product, a body butter that could cure stubborn eczema. Andrea asked her sister to try the new product and provide feedback after a few weeks of use.  Two weeks later, her sister called stunned to find that Andrea’s body butter had actually cured her eczema—the same eczema that doctors had been unable to cure. “I used natural ingredients to make the body butter including avocado and lavender”, Andrea tell us, “lavender is more than a scent, it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.”

The founder also worked her magic on a customer who had severe acne and had visited multiple doctors. At the time they were hopelessly trying a multitude of products like Proactiv. Andrea then made her second test product, an all-natural face wash made with Manuka honey and lavender that cleared up the customer’s acne in three weeks.

As for Andrea’s personal skincare routine, every morning she starts off with the OY-L Cleansing Powder, which contains vitamin C, to cleanse the skin, followed up by her Hydrating Facial Mist. She also uses a facial serum that she’s currently working on and has not yet released. She finishes her routine with the Crystal Eye Serum, by rolling it around her eye area. 

The company uses four core ingredients in all of its products: lavender, hemp seed oil, Manuka honey, and pink Himalayan salt. Given it’s origin story, customers can always guarantee that their OY-L products will never contain any of the nasty toxic ingredients that seem to be found so prevalently on our shelves including: phthalates, parabens, DEA/TEA/MEA (hormone-disrupting chemicals), color pigments, formaldehyde, preservatives, isopropyl alcohol, mineral oil, PEGs, propylene glycols, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, talc, or petroleum. And the brand stays cruelty-free by testing all products on family, friends, and employees—never on animals. 

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the number of products Andrea currently offers, don’t worry! OY-L has a skin type quiz on their site, where you can input details such as how your skin feels in the evening, your main skincare concern, and your skincare goals. Then, you will receive an email of your personalized skincare routine. So leave the hard work to them and enjoy your new guilt-free skincare products. 

OY-L works to give back as well. They donate 15% of sales of bath salts and body scrubs to Dysautonomia International, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for dysautonomia, the category of illness in which Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) falls.