Animal rights champion Tracy Toler-Phillips is the founder of Cupid & Psyche Beauty, a lipstick brand that reminds us that inside every woman is a goddess. The brand features lipsticks that are cruelty-free, vegan, and low-waste. The brand’s packaging is made from recyclable paper and the lipstick’s tube is made from recyclable plastic. Plus, all shades in the collection have been formulated to flatter all skin tones. Inclusivity: check. And if all that isn’t enough, the packaging is BOMB. 

Tracy is a long-time lover of both makeup and animals. The first seeds of love for animals sprouted in South Florida where she was raised surrounded by wildlife. From a young age, she decided to become vegetarian, but she still wanted to do more. “Not eating them wasn’t enough!” she tells us. 

After graduating with a degree in photography, Tracy worked closely with many makeup companies and makeup artists. As she watched behind the scenes, she became interested in the beauty industry and its effects on animals and the planet.  She decided that she wanted to shift from photography to the beauty industry in order to help animals affected by it. 

“I got into it trying to make a difference, rather than trying to be the next MAC,” she says. Tracy wants her brand to appeal to women’s inner and outer beauty. Her goal is to help women to feel confident through her brand while also feeling guiltless by ensuring her items are ethically made and that women are aware of it. 

In the beginning of her journey into the beauty industry, Tracy only ever thought about making her own brand until one day she finally decided, “I should stop thinking about this and just do it.” We love a take-charge, confident woman!

When she first started her brand, she gave her products to makeup artists she knew and had them give her feedback. In formulating her products and choosing shades, she made sure she was making quality products that were inclusive to all women. 

Along with helping animals and the environment, another one of Tracy’s goals is educating women. She wants those who use her lipsticks to know about things like beneficial ingredients and how beauty products can contribute to waste.

Every lipstick by Cupid & Psyche is named after a powerful goddess. No matter what shade you use from the line, you can embody your inner goddess while being kind to the planet and animals! Tracy tells us her current favorite shades from are Gaia and Artemis. She recommends Artemis if you like bold colors but says it’s also a good shade if you’re a little shy about wearing brighter hues. If you like reds, she advises you to try her red shade, Laetitia. 

Tracy tells us she thinks ethical beauty and fashion have a chance to one day rule the world, but it all depends on consumers. She recommends consumers to ask where a brand’s supply chain comes from and what the process is. If consumers put pressure on brands, then they will change their practices. It’s so important to ask about the products you use and become conscious about how they are made and what’s inside them. 

Brands like Cupid & Psyche are what we need right now to help us be more conscious about the environment, especially in times like these where everything feels uncertain. Make sure to check out Cupid & Psyche’s social @cupidandpsychebeauty for some goddess inspiration, and visit their website to grab some divine lipsticks that will have you feeling like the goddesses the shades are named after.