Utopy is sustainable hair care made by women, for women. This new, innovative beauty company is dedicated to providing the best for its customers. Their goal is to create luxurious hair products that prioritize the health of both the planet and their customers. 

What prompted Laurène and Victoria to found Utopy was their realization that the products currently on the market cannot be trusted. Unfortunately, Victoria endured a scalp problem that was causing her to lose her hair. After doing some research, she traced her symptoms back to the ingredients in the products she was using. In mainstream beauty products, there are really no regulations as to what can, and cannot be added, so many corporate companies choose to include chemical contents that can harm our health. For more information in regards to what clean beauty is, check out this Zoe Elle article!

As Victoria suffered through this hair loss, she felt she was losing a part of her femininity. It became clear to Victoria that women have a sacred relationship with their hair. It’s a part of her identity, and shapes how she faces the world. A woman’s hair correlates with her confidence, and when her style complements her personality and culture, she will fiercely conquer her day. Victoria grew inspired to generate a formula that would protect and restore her hair. Bountiful luscious hair begins with the products. Not only did she want to help herself, but she wanted to give everyone a healthier, and safer option for their hair. After testing hundreds of recipes, Utopy was born. 

The best part about Utopy is it’s dedication to sustainable, truly clean beauty. Utopy’s unique formula utilizes only 7 pure, and essential ingredients. Their company is inspired by minimalist living, meaning only using what is absolutely necessary. Many products on the market have 20-40 ingredients, most of which do more harm than good. If an ingredient did not add any value to the recipe, the women decided it was better to completely take it out. Considering how every ingredient travels to France has allowed Utopy to reduce its carbon footprint. Even better, Utopy is completely transparent with what goes into their hair care solutions, so there is no question whether or not it is good for your health. The founders of the brand believe it’s important people are fully informed about what they are putting on their body. 

Laurène and Victoria are both millennial designers who are passionate about truly clean beauty, Utopy strives to be an aesthetic addition to the sustainable market. In the age of social media, visual appeal is the key to success. There tends to be an assumption that if a product is sustainable it cannot be pretty. Utopy proves that wrong by offering beautiful bars made from wholesome ingredients. As designers, these empowering women sought to craft a product that looked as good as it worked. 

In regards to sustainability, Laurène and Victoria possess a childlike curiosity about how they can enhance their efforts. These innovative businesswomen want to curate a brand that is accessible, beautiful, and essential. Victoria believes that sustainability will become more mainstream, however, there is still a lot of educating that needs to be done. Unfortunately, many consumers have grown comfortable shopping at certain stores, so they need to be convinced to break their patterns in order to choose better. The alarming thing about big brands is the lack of visibility into the label. If these companies had nothing to hide, why are they so afraid to be vulnerable about their products? Utopy strives to be personable with its consumers by inviting conversation. They want to make sure their customers are completely satisfied, and they want to know they are supporting their health.

A cleaner, more sustainable hair care routine is possible with Utopy. Be sure to follow their lovely Instagram and support their up-and-coming brand!