An argument can certainly be made for using less plastic, especially since in 2018 it was published that 91% of plastic isn’t even recycled. Yikes. A lot of everyday plastic use can be traced back to bathrooms and the products used in them, which is what Liz McKenna, founder and owner of Briit Botanicals (pronounced Bright Botanicals), realized one day when cleaning up her apartment. This caused her to seek new ways to reduce her plastic use. She tried shampoo and conditioner bars from competitors with unsatisfactory results, and after another company’s shampoo bar left her with a dry, knotted head of hair, she took matters into her own hands.

“I just started experimenting and making my own stuff and I’m like, ‘This is fun,’ and then I started selling [my products] in New York. And then, from there [I] decided to dive all in,” Liz details how she self-funded the start of what we now know as Briit Botanicals. What’s really great about her company is that they sell hair, soap, face, and body products. So, it’s the perfect one-stop-shop to help you do a total overhaul and start an all-bar, plastic-free shower routine!

Bars are longer-lasting, more economical, and kinder to the environment in comparison to plastic bottled products. Briit Botanicals’s bars and soaps (and hair spray!), in particular, are made with ethically-sourced, pure, all-natural, and organic ingredients. All of the small-batch beauty company’s products are zero-waste, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and made in the U.S.A. According to Liz, Briit Botanicals’s, “whole mission is to live bright, be bright, even though dark times are around us. Just to be the brightness of what’s in the world.”

“I truly believe in the mission to reduce plastic and make things sustainably created [and] U.S.A.-made. … Holding on to the vision of helping people live better lives through that is what made things a lot easier through all of this mess,” Liz explains, referring to COVID-19 and everything that has happened in the midst of the pandemic. We can certainly see that passion and dedication play out through her business—even their packaging is eco-friendly!

While Briit Botanicals does not use any harmful ingredients like artificial fragrances or colors (let the sensitive skin babes rejoice!), they do use botanicals, essential oils, natural clays, high-quality food-grade oils, and organic exfoliants, which all work to the customer’s benefit. Plus, thanks to their clean ingredients, the bars smell lovely, giving off natural, herbal scents that will leave both your body and hair smelling divine.

During use, the Rosemary Peppermint Shampoo Bar (for normal to dry hair) definitely delivers in the suds department, and deep-cleans without leaving your hair feeling dry, brittle, or stripped. The Rosemary Peppermint Conditioner Bar (for normal to dry hair) admittedly may not provide the most effortless product transition, but once you get the hang of using this conditioner bar over a traditional bottled product, it’s a total game-changer. The conditioner bar won’t provide the familiar rich consistency most have come to associate with common conditioners. But, did you know that a thick, foamy bottled conditioner texture is due to potentially harmful ingredients such as Diethanolamine (DEA)? So yeah, we’re good without that, thanks.

Lastly, the Tea Tree and Charcoal Beauty Bar was also a hit. Other than the fact that tea tree oil and charcoal are both excellent ingredients for cleansing and purifying the body and face, the bar lathers up fast, and you’ll never be dissatisfied with the amount of bubbles this body cleanser gives you. Also, it smells like you’re walking through a pine forest! Whether you’re quarantining or simply live in a city like Liz, you can bring the beauty of nature right into your bathroom with this beauty bar.

Liz says that over time, while running her business, she’s learned to allow herself to fully feel her emotions, but recognize that her emotions are not her. “At the end of the day, I am not that sad feeling. I might have sad feelings; I might feel defeated if I can’t figure out how to do an email sequence, but that’s not the end-all, be-all.” She tells young women looking to possibly start a business that, “Sure, it’s not going to be easy every step of the way, but that’s okay. There’s a learning curve, and the biggest thing is that if you start having thoughts of, ‘Hey I can’t do this,’ that’s fine. Kind of like the waves of the ocean, let that thought come in, and let it go back out, and get back on with your day.” Liz’s wisdom is so soothing, and we sincerely appreciate her positivity.

We know that embarking on a new clean beauty product journey can be intimidating, but if you don’t know where to start when browsing the Briit Botanicals site, there’s a handy quiz under the main menu that will curate a personalized, plastic-free shower bundle just for you! “A lot of people don’t realize this, but every single sale makes an owner of a small company do a happy dance,” Liz shares. “Every time someone does a mention or a comment with our company, our brand name, in it [on social media], it’s one of those things that it’ll not just make our day, it’ll make our week.”

So, go ahead and give Liz a reason to do a happy dance. And, keep an eye out on the Briit Botanicals Instagram page for updates, as Liz promises that, “a lot of exciting things are coming up.” Whatever she has in store next, we certainly can’t wait!