We got the chance to learn more about our latest beauty obsession, CLE Cosmetics, from the founder herself, Lauren Jin. We chatted with Lauren about all things CLE (that’s CLE as in Clay, by the way, ladies), from the core concepts behind the brand to what makes their products different from other beauty brands on the market right now. With CLE, modern meets k-beauty in the best possible way, and we’re in love! Read to the end to get a mini review of some of our current favs from the brand! 

CLE Cosmetics features non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free skincare and makeup influenced by Korean beauty, which has recently been one of the biggest beauty trends across the U.S., from sheet masks to snail ingredients to foundation in the form of a cushion compact. 

Lauren tells us that making sure her brand was non-toxic and ethically made wasn’t even a question—she knew CLE’s products had to have these qualities. The brand follows a minimalist approach in all aspects, from the product’s packaging to their ingredient lists.  

CLE is all about integrating into the consumer’s life seamlessly. For CLE, that means thoughtful, good-for-you, multipurpose products that meet the needs of the modern woman. The modern woman is busy (make that really busy), so she wants easy-to-use and safe products, but at the same time she wants her cosmetics to make her feel luxurious and beautiful. Look no further—CLE’s entire brand is crafted with the modern woman and her life in mind. No matter your daily routine, each of CLE’s products can fit within your day-to-day effortlessly. 

And did you know: the number of products in a traditional Korean beauty routine can get as high as 12 or more!? That probably sounds like a beauty nightmare to many women who are busy or on a budget (or both)! We love that with CLE, you get that coveted Korean beauty aesthetic and style without needing to use a ton of different products. It’s the collab between simplicity, modernity, and k-beauty that we’ve always wished for! 

Like many women, Lauren ended up becoming a hardcore beauty junkie, always trying different beauty products that were popular thanks to the latest beauty trends plastered across social media. But eventually, she got bored. Everything was just another cream or just another cleanser. The endless trend-based products weren’t meeting her needs. 

That’s where CLE Cosmetics comes in. At CLE, products are produced based on needs, not trends, and that’s one of the things that makes CLE truly different from the typical beauty brands women can grab off the shelves. CLE makes sure each product has a purpose for women rather than being created based on fads in the beauty industry. Lauren tells us that it’s not all about marketing and making sales, it’s about the products and women using those products. She believes makeup should add on to your natural beauty, not cover it up. In every product, CLE focuses on bringing out the natural beauty of women. 

Of course, we had to ask Lauren what her go-to product is at CLE Cosmetics for us women wanting advice on where to start. Lauren immediately pointed at their raved CCC Cream

The CCC Cream is an all-in-one primer, foundation, and SPF. And get this: the cream features Micro Capsule Technology which means, as the cream is blended into your skin, the initially white cream color transitions to your natural skin tone, creating a perfectly seamless finish. If that isn’t modern beauty, I don’t know what is! 

Lauren tells us that on days when she’s just at the house (which is a lot of use these days!), she’ll grab for CLE’s Multi Cream and an SPF. But when she goes out and wants a little bit more on her face, she grabs for the CCC cream. It’s super comfortable and light and it provides the natural coverage she wants when going out. 

Now let’s take a quick look at some of our favorite CLE products that we’ve tried (spoiler: we love them all).

First off, we tried CLE’s Multi Cream and we think it’s great as an all-over moisturizer from your face to your elbows! It’s a luxurious balm-like consistency and has a light herbal scent that helps us calm down and relax after a long day. We totally get why Lauren called this cream the “perfect purse companion.” It’s seriously an all-around moisturizer for whenever, wherever.

We also love the brand’s Vitamin C Elixir, an anti-aging 2-in-1 oil and serum that brightens and moisturizes. We think dry skin types will especially love this as a vitamin C option! Lastly, we’ll mention CLE’s Melting Lip Powders. These multipurpose shades work great as a lip, cheek, or eye color. We’ve used them to add a pop of color to our eyes and lips, as a sheer blush, and as a glowy bronzer for days we want to look sunkissedthe possibilities are endless! They might just be one of best universal lip products we’ve tried so far!

P.S. CLE is currently giving two KN95 masks per customer order while supplies last! Definitely take advantage of this if you’re in need of a protective mask and some new beauty products!