Anyone who wears makeup has most likely experienced the dreaded dance of searching for the perfect makeup remover. You know, one that will actually take off your glitter highlight at the end of the night, and not leave traces of smeared foundation in its wake. And would it be too much to ask for a product that’s gentle on the skin as well? There are so many subpar options on the market, but what if I told you that Blush Off, an Australian company, has a reusable makeup-removing pad that just might be the answer to your makeup remover prayers? All you have to do is add water.

Working in the wedding industry, Katrina Skebes, co-founder and marketing manager at Blush Off, has a lot of experience with removing makeup after work. “I was constantly trying new products and found them to be expensive, and (most importantly) they didn’t remove all my makeup,” she says. Eventually, Katrina made it her mission to create a makeup-removing product that she could use herself. To do this, she teamed up with the best makeup professionals she knew. “After testing dozens of products, we found what we were looking for, and with a few tweaks and a bit of re-designing, it was perfect.” While Katrina explains developing the product was, “fun, exhausting, and at times very testing, … starting with suppliers that worked in an ethical and sustainable environment was [the] number one [priority].” 

Blush Off has a pretty great name origin story. Katrina explains that her husband naively asking if makeup remover removes your blush—not even knowing what blush was—was the inspiration. Besides their Blush Off Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, the company also sells a multitasking Shampoo Cleanser, blender eggs, silk scrunchies, face wash headbands, and more. “We started with one product and researched that people wanted more in makeup removal products. So, the journey started with one little pad, grew to brush cleaners, and soon more products came to mind,” Katrina tells.

The Blush Off pad itself is cruelty-free, chemical-free, made for all skin types, and eco-friendly. If you think about it, your disposable makeup wipes aren’t that great for the planet and, since they aren’t reusable, end up being more expensive. Your wallet is crying. “We stand by using your pad … 200 times, which minimizes the use of 200 makeup wipes [that would end up] in our oceans and [in] landfills,” Katrina says. The pads are made with patented micro-tech fibres, an antifungal sponge on the inside, and are laced with a satin edge, so you can safely use the Blush Off for up to 200 washes (approximately three to four months) before needing a replacement. Imagine all of the full-face makeup looks—or even face masks—that the Blush Off could cleanly remove in that time! “Our micro-tech fibres work like a magnet that lifts makeup with ease off your face while hydrating.”

Released as a companion to the Blush Off, the Shampoo Cleanser will prolong the life of the pad by keeping it stain and bacteria-free. It also works as a one-size-fits-all blender egg and makeup brush cleaner. Conveniently, the Shampoo Cleanser will also last three to four months, “depending on how much the user pumps on his/her pads and brushes,” Katrina confirms. It is hypoallergenic, free of parabens and phthalates, and lightly infused with lavender, which is known for its calming scent and antimicrobial properties.

Besides doing a great service to the beauty community by providing their products, Blush Off also makes a conscious effort to help the earth through eco-friendly practices. The company tries their best to reduce their waste, using recycled and/or reusable materials. “Our Hero mail bags can be reused again [by] customers and are 100% compostable. Our gift cards and thank-you cards are from Sustainable Printing Co., and we wrap all our orders in recycled craft paper,” Katrina informs Zoe Elle. “More importantly is our Pores 4 Planet program. After customers are finished with their used [Blush Off] pads, they can return them to our HQ, and we [will] send them to a local recycling plant in South Brisbane. To reward our customers [for] leaving a better footprint behind, they can save on their next order.”

According to Katrina, future plans for Blush Off include, “more products and more happy, beautiful customers joining [their] world.” Don’t you want to be a happy, beautiful customer? Interacting with their audience and stockists on social media is super important to the company, so after you finish shopping the website, make sure to check out their Instagram as well!