Here at Zoe Elle, we’re all about women supporting women. We love seeing boss babes spotting gaps in the market, and really harnessing their knowledge and tools to create their own businesses. That’s exactly what happened to Nadja Nufer who is the founder of Bali Balance, a natural skin, body and hair care brand. 

Nadja noticed that there wasn’t a good natural product on the market that was effective and also available in Bali- where she is based. Nadja was working in the spa business at the time and couldn’t find any natural products that didn’t include palm or nasty ingredients. She then decided to produce the sustainable chemical-free body, face and hair care products that she was missing out on, which we find so inspiring. 

Nadja has lived in Bali for 17 years now, and she says she has seen the destruction caused by plastic and single used packaging first hand. She is very thorough when it comes to recycling and waste separation, which is the reason Bali balance has an excellent recycling policy. They give the client a discount if they return the packaging, or they can get a refill of the product at the shop. “To me, it’s very important to make the right choices when it comes to being sustainable. Every single person can do so much to help out” Nadja tells us. 

Nadja tells us her worries as a business owner during the pandemic and how it was important to her that she was able to keep all of her staff employed. She explains how she found it challenging to stay positive and keep going. But, she dealt with it through strategies like meditation, lots of cooking and baking … and the occasional glass of wine. 

The founder tells us that being a single mother of twin girls and running a business can sometimes be challenging to juggle all at once. However, she has managed to get her set up organized so that she can work from home if need be. This also gives her the luxury to be in the same place as her kids. She tells us that there were plenty of challenges to begin with, however, it is all a learning curve. “My advice to other emerging business owners would be to never give up, there are no mistakes, and it is all a learning experience.” 

Quality control is key to ensuring all the products are sustainable, as well as living up to the expectations of the customers. All of the products are made by hand, the factory is following the health standards from the government, and they also test their products constantly.

A well loved product by the founder herself is the Magnolia body wash. This just puts her in the best mood every time she uses it. Magnolia has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, and she loves the scent. It’s an antidepressant and it just lifts you up instantly. She also adores the body lotion, and always uses coconut oil to keep her skin hydrated. 

Bali Balance also works to give back to the community. One of the brand’s biggest accomplishments is how they educate their staff and their suppliers. For example, they’ve helped educate the lady who does the Balinese offerings on a daily basis.

Nadja shares some advice on people wanting to get into living a more eco-friendly lifestyle; she says to really check ingredients when you are buying products, ensure you are avoiding palm related products, and support any small businesses with a sustainable approach. She also simply says, bring your own bags every time you shop. To shop the range, click here