In the recent months, a lot has changed for us, from the way we interact with others to what we see as important. Now that the Black Lives Matter Movement has become a pressing topic, signing petitions, donating, and educating ourselves have become the new norm, too. As a result of these changes, both self-care & supporting the BLM movement have become our top priorities. 

One self-care trend we’ve been seeing is skipping the nail salon (are they even open anyways?) and learning how to give ourselves and others the perfect mani-pedis at home. Some of us have already become pro nail designers and are planning to open our own salon when things go back to normal, others still struggle to stay within the lines–that’s okay. If you haven’t hopped on this self-care at home trend yet, now is a better time than ever because by supporting the following nail brands, you can also be supporting POC and WOC brands. It’s a win-win. 

Below we’ve listed some of our go-to eco-friendly, black-owned nail polish brands that you can support & get yourself a damn fine manicure too. You deserve it. 


#1. Tuesday in Love

First up is Tuesday in Love, a halal certified nail polish and accessories brand. This cruelty free and child labor free company holds their code of ethics to the same standard as the quality of their products. They release new colors every month and take onboard customer feedback to create the shades their consumers want to see. The products are water permeable so for practising Muslims, such as inventor and CEO Dr. Umar Darand his wife, the functionality aspect of it being halal means they do not need to remove nail polish when they perform wudu before prayers—which can be up to five times a day. To shop the range, click here.

#2. Janet and Jo

Janet and Jo is owned by Founder, Kendra Woolridge. The nail polishes are vegan, cruelty free and are free from 10 harmful ingredients commonly found in products. The brand is named after Kendra’s two grandmothers and she was inspired to pursue her passion of nail polishes after watching her mother battle cancer three times and losing her grandmother Jo, also to breast cancer. To support Janet and Jo, you can shop here.

#3. LaPierre

LaPierre is up next and has a similar story to Janet and Jo. They’re an eco-beauty brand and the inspiration came from the founder’s mother. In 2013 she was diagnosed with lung cancer and was limited on her choice of nail polishes due to the harmful toxins some contain. Her daughter decided to create a ‘10-Free’ brand that not only her mother could use and love, but all that all women could. Click here to check out the wide array of bright and fun colors from LaPierre!

#4. LAW Beauty Essentials 

Coming in at number four on our list, we have LAW Beauty Essentials, a luxury nail polish line that is eco-friendly and is inspired by women all around the world. The formula is high shine and chip resistant, cruelty free, and contains no harsh chemicals. Founder, Tanisha Lawrence swapped her lifestyle of working with Fortune 500 companies to pursue her dream of starting her own cosmetics line. The products are sold in retail locations in New York, New Jersey, Washington, California, Maine, Louisiana, Panama and Germany. Shop and support here.

#5. 516

We also want to give some love to 516, the UK’s first indie nail polish brand championing swatch diversity. 516 is vegan, cruelty-free, and individually handmade. The polishes are formulated to complement a diverse range of skin tones, especially deep skin tones. 516 works to challenge the idea that ‘one size fits all’ and ‘one shade fits all’. They consciously swatch their products on a wide range of people. As the products are handmade, you won’t find their shades anywhere else. Shop here to discover their beautiful gel colors.

#6. Lisa Nail Lacquer 

Lastly, we are presenting Lisa Nail Lacquer. This poppin’ nail brand is certified by PETA and the polishes are 10-free, meaning they don’t contain the nasties such as Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and other ingredients found in some polishes. They have a small selection of shades and sell out FAST, which is a good sign that these are the real deal. Keep a lookout on their site linked here