Good news: Body positivity continues on the rise!

Not so good news: Instagram continues to overflow with Facetune edits, filter presets, and flawlessly re-touched photos, practically reversing what the body positive movement is bettering.
Though Instagram is meant to inspire at its core, endlessly scrolling highlight reels of edited perfection can bring even the most empowered woman to a state of questioning “why can’t I look like that” or “am I good enough?” Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Instagram. But to keep myself from feeling less-then when caught in a scroll session, I have sought to strategically follow inspiring, body positive, fashionable women.
Sharing calls to action, #realstagram photos and un-retouched images to their trendy feeds, empowered online influencers are the motivational speakers of today. If you too are in need of a daily dose of female empowerment, check out these 3 MUST follow body positive fashion bloggers who are inspiring women one post at a time.

Sarah of @sassyredlipstick

Sarah’s Sassy Red Lipstick guide to all things chic for the curvy millennial woman is what pink, sparkly, animal print dreams are made of! Her goal to connect, motivate, and inspire women goes beyond posting just another pretty picture.  Sarah’s Instagram and Sassy Red Lipstick blog promote loving the body you’re in while aligning with brands that are curve honoring and fashion forward, too! Most recently Sarah has utilized her body honoring influence to point out the lack of inclusivity of ALL sizes, ethnicities, and sexualities within the Victoria’s Secret brand.  Sarah empowers women to support brands who support their bodies and reminds us #weareallangels.


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My Boudoir Shoot: It’s Okay To Be Sexy. ??? tonight on SRL i’m sharing a boudoir shoot for the first time and opening up about something that’s been on my mind for a while now. ✨ i come from a conservative background where the word “modesty” was drilled into me from an early age. i’ve also always been a curvy girl with big boobs and a thick booty, which means i have cleavage without even trying and fill out my swimsuits in a big way. as my platform and mission for promoting body positivity has grown, i’ve been shamed countless times for openly embracing my curvy body. i’m not holding anything back in this post: sex, dating, religion, modesty, empowerment, and more. all highlighted with beautiful boudoir photos taken by my @tripp who has loved my body so perfectly since day one. i think that love comes across in these images, stretch marks and all. ? if you’re a curvy girl who struggles with feeling like you’re desirable, or someone who’s been told your sexuality as a woman is wrong or inappropriate, let me tell you: it’s okay to be sexy. head to the link in my bio to read and see more photos from our shoot. ?? // shop my exact set from @thirdlove with the app! #liketkit #LTKcurves #LTKunder100 #curvyblogger #bodypositive #thirdlove #mythirdlove #boudoirshoot #curvygirl

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Courtney of @colormecourtney

As a New York City based influencer, Courtney celebrates curves and bright color in a city often viewed as black and white. Sharing sprinkles of body positivity throughout her curated rainbow feed, she encourages every woman to dress outside the lines of societal standards.

Jenna of @jennakutcher

By posting photos of her curves in underwear and swimwear, photographer Jenna Kutcher strives for every follower to celebrate their “enough-ness” and feel less alone in the body they are in. As she is currently expecting her first child, Jenna offers incredibly inspiring words of empowerment to the ever-changing female body. Jenna provides followers a creatively curated comfort zone to address topics like miscarriage and infertility which society often deems “taboo.”  


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I was in a taxi when I saw the DM from a stranger and started bawling. Drew stopped small talking with the driver, looked over at me confused, and I handed him my phone so he could read the message. We were in the midst of a really hard season, grieving our second loss, running fertility tests, searching for answers. ✨ The message said, “I wanted to message you and tell you that you saved me this morning. I am 8 weeks pregnant and not married yet. Somehow I came upon your profile this morning after telling my bff I was thinking about terminating this baby. I will have this baby in your honor and be grateful for every single second of it. Thank you for sharing your story.” ?? I think of that baby every single day, he is part of my “why” and I pray for him. I’ve watched him hit milestones from afar and it reminds me that in my season of darkness and uncertainty, I was still a light to a stranger. ? You never know who is watching. You think your story doesn’t matter. You keep those hard things covered. You worry people will judge you. You want to appear perfect. But maybe, just maybe, your story will save someone. ?? What you’re going through isn’t by chance. There is more to your story. Today, can I support you? Lift you up? Comment below if you feel comfortable asking for prayers from a stranger because I’m here ready to get on my knees for you. #31weekspregnant #rememberingbabykutch

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