It’s getting hot at this time of year and we want our brow hairs to stay sweat-proof and secured in place! We’ve got three brow gels that’ll do the trick.

First up is the well-known and admired Glossier Boy Brow. Made with beeswax and carnauba wax, this brow gel works like a traditional hair pomade to keep individual brow hairs in place. It’s soft without making your eyebrows crunchy or stiff. Boy Brow comes in four shades: blond, brown, black, and clear. 

Christine Mai Nguyen is an influencer making digital content for product pages, taking pictures, and freelance writing. She’s also a Glossier rep, making her an expert on all things skincare and makeup made by the brand. She loves Boy Brow so much that it’s part of her daily routine. Christine has over 100k subscribers on her YouTube channel where she films apartment tours, makeup and skincare favorites, vlogs, and collections of her photography and film work. 

Next is the Colourpop Cosmetics Brow Boss Gel. We’re loving Colourpop because they’re a 100% cruelty free brand made in L.A. This brow gel is vegan, so it won’t harm any animals friends. Guilt free brows have never looked this good! Brow Boss comes in five shades: clear, blonde, light brown, dark brown, and soft black. 

Emily Chu is a self-taught makeup aficionado. Beauty is a huge part of Emily’s self-expression. She is her most authentic self by using colors and shapes to create stunning looks. Emily loves doing her brows because they add shape to the face, and the process of filling them in is really relaxing and therapeutic. She likes to use Colourpop brow products because of how affordable they are. Emily also loves the brand’s brow line because of their soft and pigmented formulas. Her looks always involve sculpting the face, using makeup where necessary rather than masking the entire face. 

Finally, the third brow gel you need to get your hands on is from Milk Makeup. The KUSH Fiber Brow Gel is vegan and cruelty free made with plant-derived cannabis sativa seed oil. This brow gel has the largest shade range of the three: Haze, MJ, Dub, Herb, Dutch, Grind, Cypher, and Diesel. The cannabis oil mixed with a gel formula creates the perfect balance of conditioning and hold for your brow hairs. 

We were so excited about this product that we decided to try it ourselves, and oh my god it was mind-blowing! This gel worked, dammit! Milk’s brow gel is an excellent choice is you’re watching your money spending because you barely need to use any of this product to get full brow coverage. Kush Fiber Brow will last you a long time with its intense pigment.

If you’re in the market for quick and easy way to fill your brows and keep em’ in place, then make sure to purchase these brow super heroes!