“Petit Vour”, lots of love for little cost. With its name derived from “petit four”, this brand creates the cutest assortments of indulgent, vegan, luxuries for your ultimate beauty experience.

If you’ve been looking for an affordable, ethical, beauty subscription box like I have, then you’ll understand how excited I was to find Petit Vour: affordable curated beauty boxes that will satisfy your retail therapy needs and support your commitment to cleaning up our planet!

I spoke with Madeline Alcott, the co-founder of Petit Vour, about what sustainability means to her company and how Petit Vour is inspiring other companies to go green:

Protecting our planet goes beyond just having recyclable packaging and more natural ingredients. Our goal is to cut waste as much as possible and we consider it our responsibility as a cruelty-free business to do so. We work alongside our brands to minimize waste, both behind the scenes as well as with product packaging. Also, by elevating our low-waste and zero-waste products (and proving that there is indeed a market for that), we hope to encourage brands to seek kinder alternatives.”

Speaking of elevating zero-waste goodies, Madeline gave some great product suggestions that you can purchase on Petit Vour right now! 

“Aether, Elate and Meow Meow Tweet are just a few of the hero brands that are doing amazing things for green beauty. Aether takes the cake for most beautiful eco vegan palettes, which are currently available in 2 beautiful color ranges. Elate offers bamboo palettes and makeup refills, so that you can fully customize your palette, from under-eye concealer to brow balm. Meow Meow Tweet offers deodorant sticks, bar soaps, and shampoo bars all with adorable, biodegradable packaging. I love the scents of the bar soaps, particularly the Tangerine Basil and Grapefruit Mint.”

I am sooooo ready to purchase a beauty box and buy the entire zero-waste collection! If you’re interested in Petit Vour’s subscription boxes, every month the brand will send you 4-5 nontoxic and vegan every month that’ll fit your beauty profile. If you pick the yearly plan, the box is only $15 per month and includes at least a $50 value inside every box! And that steal of a price isn’t even the best part: if you leave a review of your box after its delivery, you’ll get $4 back in store credit! 

Here’s what was in July’s beauty box:

Let us know if you’ve tried out Petit Vour for yourself and what some of your favorite zero-waste products are on our social!!